Family-Fun Ornament Making Night

Christmas is in full effect in our house!

That means our tree is up, I’ve put enough lights around the house to feel jovial, and we’ve already caught one little sneak looking for her presents!(and promptly finding them and telling her older sister and younger brother what she found…thanks kiddo.)

It also means it’s time for our annual ornament making fun! We began this last year and it was so well received by all age groups, we decided to make this a yearly thing!


Our recipe for the salt dough is pretty simple: 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of salt, 1 cup of water, 1 tsp of vanilla and a few dashes of cinnamon! Mix all this well together, by hand, and put in the fridge for a little while to set-I simply left it in there while we cleaned off the table for the kids to make their ornaments.

(Why cinnamon and vanilla? It adds a great smell to our ornaments while they bake and afterwards as well!)


Sprinkling flour out over your table as though you are about to make cookie is essential! It helps keep it from sticking to the table after you’ve cut it and from the rolling pin.

After it had set, I simply broke the dough into five equal parts for the four kids doing it and myself, then let each child take a turn with the rolling pins! They seemed to love the mess it made as well as the full freedom they had to choose between creating their own shapes with their imaginations or using the cookie cutters to have a pre-cut shape…for my kids who tend to sit on the more perfectionist side of artistic than the “Let’s just have fun side.” (That would be Princess. Doodle and Monkey have no qualms about making things just the way they want–perfection can eat dirt!

This recipe for salt dough is also great for those adorable little hand print or foot print ornaments you see on Facebook every day. Personally I’m not a big fan of those specific kinds of ornaments; I like it better to simply use IMG_8434paints for hand/foot print art. However this works for those. We made a hand print ornament for each of the kids, because we need to for the year, right?

There’s also the option of adding color to the dough or glitter! Doodle added some glitter to hers which gave us that beautiful heart in the top photo. 

Ornaments are such a cheap and easy thing to make for holiday gifts from your kids or even to keep for yourself to hang on the tree. It’s also a great way to get some moments of quiet chaos within the holiday season. It’s far from “quiet” but it’s a bonding experience, at home. And it doesn’t leave me with plates and plates of cookies to eat on my own while the kids are in school.

What’s your favorite family thing to do during the holidays?


6 thoughts on “Family-Fun Ornament Making Night

  1. Fun! We used to make salt dough ornaments too and my mom used cinnamon and vanilla as well! I’m pretty sure she still has some on her tree every year. It’s a great family crafting idea! My favorite family thing is driving around looking at all the Christmas displays and lights!

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