The Fall Foliage Parade in the Berkshires

Hey all you wonderful people! This past weekend was the 61st Annual Fall Foliage Parade that takes place right here in the Berkshires. I’ve walked in this parade so many years, mostly with the Drury Band, but in various other things before that. I wanted to share a quick post today with a few photos from it and a few little tricks to make parade fun a bit easier with your kiddos!


Since we were so close to downtown anyway, we walked down to the parade. If you’re in walking distance, I would 100% recommend doing that. Finding parking anywhere during a parade can be a tough time. Plus this will help get your kiddos moving before the actual parade, which they have to sit through most of it.


Don’t use chairs! If you’re like me and don’t care, let your kids sit on the curb. (or like me and forgot the chairs oops). If not, bring a blanket. Chairs are a huge extra thing to carry and my kids, and maybe yours, are never satisfied with one chair; they always want the one their brother is sitting in! We curb sit in this family.





With kids who have sensory, a parade can be a lot of noise. It is for me! We always have conversations with Monkey before going down, reminding him that there’s a lot of noise and to be ready for the sirens from police cars and fire engines. Thankfully for us, these things excite him more than upset him these days. But be ready for any younger children or older ones who don’t like that volume of noise to want to make a run from those things. The bands are also very loud on sensitive ears!




(Do you see someone you recognize from the blog in that bottom picture?!)

If you’re attending a parade in the town you live in, make sure to hold on tightly when people you know go by! Bug tried to run out to get to Doodle and Monkey wanted to visit with Slider(the cat). It’s hard to keep a hand on all of them at once, so preparing your older kids to see but not be able to hug the people they know could be super helpful.


If you don’t plan on buying anything from these little overpriced carts, make sure they know ahead of time! We remind them on the way down every year that they can get a hat like that for much cheaper somewhere else and that we don’t want to bring a bunch of money to buy things that we could get anywhere-plus walking home with all that stuff is HARD. Monkey actually told this gentleman, “We don’t need anything from your cart, thank you very much”. Proud Mama moment? You betcha!





(Yes that’s our church!)




(Our church won first place with Old Faithful-and a float that actually shot water high into the sky! Coolest thing you’ve ever seen, right?) 

Most important tip?! HAVE FUN

Don’t forget to enjoy the parade. Talk about the cool things in it, laugh at the silly clowns, enjoy a fried dough. Your kids are kids; if they behave like kids at one point or another, remember everyone has seen a child behave like a child. Don’t try to make them sit still, waving like a princess or prince to the people who go by. Get excited with them!


And my final tip? Have an escape plan in case your child falls asleep on his daddy’s shoulder. But seriously…how cute is this??

Does your town have a parade? What tips or tricks do you have for making it through them?


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