Exploring the Berkshires: The Berkshire Museum

This last summer the kids and I took part in the Free Fun Fridays, which is different museums and parks that open their doors up to the public on Fridays throughout the summer. Due to scheduling and camps and just plain sickness, we didn’t manage to take advantage of every week they sponsored. We did however get out for 3 of those Fridays and one we visited was right here in the good old Berkshires.


(The little man I babysit and my Monkey are the best of friends)

For a final hoorah before the summer ended, Mema(my grandmother) and I took our four younger kids and the little man I babysit to the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield MA! The trip was a blast; the museum was filled with educational things and more importantly it allowed the kids to take part in their learning. For kids like mine(let’s be real here, for ALL kids), when it comes to learning, being able to touch, smell, hear and feel are just as important as seeing things.


(Digging up the eggs!)14067521_1190669831011955_6750886686387490929_n

(Building our own marble roads)


(The coolest little area where you could listen to a bird call on the phone and guess which bird it was!)



(Feeling the dino eggs and Mema’s desperate attempt to pronounce the species…)


(Dressed up as raptors)


(They were supposed to be making a 3D of the picture…but…)


(Bison. <3)


(The rocks were also a HUGE hit with Bug)
The museum allowed just that. From being able to listen to the bird calls, to dressing up as dinosaurs and digging up eggs, to having an area where they could just play-it was amazing! Playing is such an important part of growing and learning.
We went with kids from ages 5 months to 7 years and I would say they were all engaged. It was a battle to get Bug away from the dinosaurs and turtles, but we managed. It’s difficult to find things my kids all enjoy in their vast range of ages. Since we didn’t have Doodle(13), it was definitely a plus to have Mema with all the rooms and activities.

The only downfall was parking-we ended up parking on the street because I’m still not sure where the parking lot is.

Where should we go in the Berkshires next to explore?!


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    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      you totally can do it! It gets hard when there’s more than one moving, but then you get used to it;). I have faith in you mama!

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