Emergency Car Box

At my baby shower for Bug, we got an amazing present-an emergency kit for our car! Since then, it has become a bit depleted, so I refilled it today in order to share with all you mamas and dad’s out there what I pack in our emergency car pack! We also have blankets, bottled water, etc in the car, but this is our mini on the go emergency thing that has come in handy quite a few times with kids and sports!



I’ve been called on a few times for various issues with other mothers on the playground and it’s great to have the ability to help out my fellow parents!

Here is a check list for y’all if you want to pack an emergency box like mine!

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Obviously, if you have anything else you think you will need or anything you won’t need at all, add or subtract it from the list! I have a few more medicinal things in there because we have had a couple issues while on playgrounds that needed gauze right away-the pleasure of raising boys? If you don’t have longer hair or you are a male making this for your car, the pads and hair things are unnecessary. I personally always keep gloves and a mouth guard in mine because I am trained at CPR and want that safety addition if I ever need to perform it.

Even if you’re not a parent, it can be good to have these things on hand!

Do you have an emergency pack for your cars?


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