Dollar Store Sensory Bin

As a mom, I want my kids to learn and grow but I also want them to be engaged and enjoying what I’m working on with them at the moment. For Bug, that means dinosaurs.

Those of you who follow my Instagram may have noticed or those who remember my post on half-way homeschooling, Bug is a dinosaur fanatic. He loves them; I can’t turn on Netflix without him begging to watch the dinosaurs. He knows some by their scientific name(yes, the kid who won’t use the potty knows what a brachiosaurus is.)

I’ve been looking for a way to create a hands on time with dinosaurs beyond him just playing with them on our table or us reading him a book and I stumbled across sensory bins on Pinterest. I’ve heard of sensory bins before-I worked with children who has special needs for quite a few years! I hadn’t seen ones quite as elaborate as the one on Pinterest though until the past few weeks. They had taken sensory play and created farms, forests, oceans…and most importantly jungles! The kind of jungles dinosaurs would exist in.

I decided to go ahead and make a small, cheaper sensory bin, one that would keep my little guy active in his pretend play while allowing him to experience different things! On my list of doing this was to make sure we did this for cheaper-with 6 kids, we go through things far too quickly!

101_2539 (2)

I went to the dollar store and bought a few things, including the bin. Our dollar store had these bins right in there for just a dollar! They are able to put the cover on when they’re done and I put it up and away. It keeps the kids busy while I’m nursing as well! I plan on making two more for the older kids since it was a HUGE hit with them.

101_2516 (2)

101_2531 (2)

101_2540 (2)

A few tips for making your own sensory/busy mini box?

Don’t worry too much about the cost! I made this one in under 10 dollars from the dollar store and I still have a tons of the little foam sheets, sand, and rocks left.

Make more than one if you have multiple kids, because they really love these. My Princess was having so much fun with it, I had to promise her one of her own.

Get creative! This one was meant to be a dinosaur habitat for my little Bug man, so I had some fake succulents, moss, sand and rocks, a little watering hole and enlarged foam leaves and rocks. When I make my next, I’m considering spending a little more money to make one with those water beads that are all the rage right now. Be creative and cater to what your child loves.

And lastly, have fun with it! The point isn’t to create a perfect “Pinterest” sensory bin, it’s to provide your kids with something to play with in the quiet hours that also stimulates their senses.

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Do your kids have a sensory box? What would you use for a theme?


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