Dinosaur Learning!

While we are still unsure the future of public vs home schooling, I love to have educational things going on while we’re at home together. One of the plus sides to homeschooling is that we would be able to educate the kids with the things they like, using what they need to learn.

With Bug, the two year old, that means learning about dinosaurs right now. He loves dinosaurs(or as he likes to call them, “the monsters”!) The four year old I sometimes baby sit also enjoys dinosaurs, so when looking for an idea of what we could learn about for a few days, I decided dinosaurs were a must.

As a mom, I am the furthest thing for a “screen time hater” there could be. I believe technology can be a wonderful tool when it comes to teaching. If you’re like me, I highly recommend checking out The Dinosaur Train on PBS for any younger child interested in dinosaurs. It has songs, a field guide filled with dinosaur types and information, and educational games. While the games were mostly above where my 2 year old is, the 4 and 5 year old both adored playing them and treated them more like fun time than learning time! An awesome extra bonus? If you’re like me and never really got into dinosaurs or animals, they read aloud all the names for you! I’ve learned things with it as well.

Then of course, we needed a book to be added into this fun, educational day on dinosaurs. Our two favorite dinosaur books are Touch and Feel: Dinosaur, by D.K. Publishing and Dinosaurs by Rod Campbell. I love Touch and Feel because it has an interactive point to it. I also really enjoy all Rod Campbell books and Bug pretends to read along with Dinosaurs!

We also like to throw in some play time with the toy dinosaurs we have all over the house. It’s a great way to review the names of each of the dinosaur we have. It’s also a chance to play around and have fun after reading all about them! I’ve learned from the shows, games and books!

If you’re really brave-and I am not, I did this part with only the older kids-I also found this awesome dinosaur craft!  They’re easy enough to make and the kids got to use scissors and glue…what’s better than that?

Kids want to learn naturally and there’s no better way than to let them choose what they care about and how they can experience those things. I love watching these kids grow in their knowledge and explore what they truly care about.


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