A Day in the Life of a Mom of Six

Today I’m taking part in “A Day in the Life of a Mom of ____” with Shann from Shann Eva’s Blog and Rebekah of Rebekah Anne. I am so excited to see the comparison of our days as moms of one, three, and six children! I’ve done the “A Picture and Hour” posts and I love them, but they don’t really give a clear idea of what our life looks like outside of those pictures. I’m excited to tell you what having six kids, five living in the house, really, truly looks likes.

Most mornings, my husband, God bless his sweet soul, wakes up before I do. He’s pretty aware I wake up often in the night to nurse our (almost) eight week old…or to just play with him. For some reason, I have a child who hates sleep. He doesn’t scream or cry, but he just does not enjoy resting. Therefore, when he finally does, and usually those are the hours 3am-8am, my husband lets me sleep in until about 7:30.


Our mornings are insane after that! We have to feed the children, clothe the older kids for school, try and make sure the middle two don’t kill each other while playing with the extra kids who are over our house at that point. That’s right….we add in extra kids for the fun of it. On weekdays, we have two little guys we know over for a little bit right before school starts and about three or four days a week I “babysit” a very close family friend’s son. (I hate the word baby sit because it almost has the connotation he isn’t as much family as he truly is!)

Mornings are spent getting kids ready and trying to make sure the games of Uno are won fairly. Chances are they were not. Or someone will tell me they weren’t and I have to decide for myself which child “peeked” at the other’s cards.


After the kids walk over to school, which this year we allow them to do with our 13 year old, my mornings of cleaning begin. I don’t do chore charts or cleaning schedules; honestly, there’s not a lot I can get away with not doing everyday. We have dishes done twice a day usually, I sweep every room three times a day, I clean up often. Laundry is the only thing I keep to specific days and that’s because I hate walking to the basement to do it. (We do about three loads on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then two over the weekend.) I spend about two hours cleaning up, sometimes with the help of my trusty crew, while Josh does what he can to work along. If I finish early, I get to spend some time on this blog. We have a delicious lunch, one I try to eat healthy for.

Nap time happens and that’s probably the only time in a full day there is no child touching me.

Fast forward to the kids coming home, because most of nap time is me trying to finish everything off before they get back and ruin all the cleaning I’ve done. Right before they return, however, my husband leaves me.(OH THE AGONY!)


See, during the summer, my husband has been on nights. Which means he leaves at 3:30 and doesn’t return until midnight. It makes life pretty hectic when there are five kids running around.

My 13 year old has programs almost four days a week after school, so most days we have the added fun of bringing her to or from activities during the afternoon. I help the younger ones do their homework, bring her, play outside, make dinner, and finally pick her up. Dinner happens any time between 5-6. After dinner there are showers, cleaning up the mess we made earlier, and right now more time outside-my kids love to be outdoors, especially in the spring and summer time. They head to bed between 8 and 9...and after that I catch my breath. Some what, that is. The two youngest are usually awake until I go down, which can be anywhere from 9-11 depending on the nursing schedule or the mood of the youngest. If Bear falls asleep right away, I get to too. If not, I try to get Bug into the room by 10 and sit in the living room with my little insomniac


Of course, you have to filter in my nursing two kids, sometimes showering, and maybe a surprise or two from one of the kids or even my husband. Since we both are involved in our church, the nights my husband isn’t working, I’m sometimes down there or he’s down there for a meeting. It’s a pretty busy life we live.

And I love it.


When I tell people I have six kids, five who are living at home, they always cringe a little and respond with something along the lines of “Wow. Your hands are full.” or “You must be busy.”

Truth be told, yes. We’re pretty busy and my hands usually are holding littles.

When people ask me what a day looks like in my house, I always give them three words:



And full.


I love those three words though. I grew up in a house with seven kids, so this is nothing new for me.

If you’re considering having six kids and you’re ready for it to be crazy, loud and full, go for it!

My life is hectic. My hands are full. But my heart is fuller.

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What’s a day in your life look like?


7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Mom of Six

  1. So great to take a look into your life. So much love. So funny how you mentioned nap time as the only time someone isn’t touching you. Ha! I usually have to nap with one, so that doesn’t happen for me. 😉 Thank you for collaborating! It was fun!

  2. Wow, what a great idea for a post! This was my favorite line: My life is hectic. My hands are full. But my heart is fuller. You’re very inspiring : )

  3. I also grew up in a home with 7 kids! I was on the tail end though so I slowly watched my brothers grow up and leave the house. I always loved having a big family though. Also, you are a rockstar for nursing two kids! I can’t even imagine what that’s like!! I loved hearing about your day!

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      Hah thank you! Bug families are so great, I loved them. I can’t imagine not having one. 🙂

  4. This is such a fun idea! With just one little one my days are relatively quiet but I know that will quickly change once he’s a toddler and we grow our family! I love that you still take time during the day to work on your blog or other things just for you. That’s so important too!

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      I would love to hear about your days too, baby days may be quieter but it’s also so sweet.

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