Christmas Mom Look!

Christmas is a time for lots of pictures, especially when you have three teenaged siblings(and your own obsession with taking photos). It’s also a busy time of year and with four kids to get ready before we go out for Christmas Day, moms like me don’t have all that much time left to get themselves ready.
I’m not a fashionista, and there won’t be any posts about how to do your make-up just like mine any day soon, but I thought a quick description of how I get ready top look passable and nice enough for photos while 27 weeks pregnant and taking care of my handful of people when getting ready for Christmas festivities.

Christmas look

First, the outfit. This dress is amazing. I bought it for 7$ from Target back when I first started losing weight. The leggings are Faded Glory, from Walmart. This dress is perfect for both pregnancy and my regular times because the waist cinches above where my pregnancy belly begins so even as I grow larger I can still rock this look.

IMG_8515 (2)

On my face I have Wet N’ Wild Caramel Toffee Contouring Palette, Forever 21 bronzer, and Nars Orgasm Blush. My eyebrow pen is Wet N’ Wild Brunettes Do It Better. My eyes have ELF Smoky Flawless Eye shadow,  NYC Through the Storm Eyeliner, Sephora Waterproof Black Mascara, and Avon’s Purple Lapis Shadow Stick. Finally my lips have Wet N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy…One of my all time FAVORITE lip colors. This make-up only took me about ten minutes to finish, which is great for me, since I am terrible with make up.

christmas face

With my hair I had originally begun with it in a half braid and down, a cute little style I love and can do pretty quickly. It’s also really easy for moms like myself to throw up in a bun after a while of running after kids; which is totally what happened between my original hair style and the photo up top. For my personal hair, I did nothing to it, but depending on your style, you may be able to curl this or straighten it. I was focusing more on saving time than perfecting that.

All together, putting this look together took about 20/30 minutes, which is great for a busy Christmas morning when you have two other heads of hair to attend to and four kids to check before you allow them out of the house. Oh, and IMG_8535 (2)of course, can’t forget making sure your husband looks presentable. I’ll be rocking this look on Christmas day for our family dinner and present opening time.

Realistically speaking however, this photo represents what my Christmas day will look like more so than these super nice and fancy ones.

Do other mamas pick their outfits and make up out before the day of a big event?




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  1. We did our family pictures at Thanksgiving, and they were not planned. We all pulled red stuff from my parents’ closets to make it work. They turned out well for being impromptu and not having anything packed.

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