Happy October! One of the best months ever…in the best season ever! The leaves change, the chill comes. My three favorite holidays exist! October is one of the best months in a year, in my humble opinion.

As I try to jump back into blogging, as I have been doing for the past few weeks, I decided it may be time to share some monthly goals again! Sharing these has held me accountable before and I hope in writing out my goals for October, I will be better equipped to actually succeed in my goals.


Share four blog posts!

I’m starting off small as we move back into blogging. Writing has not come back to me as easily as it had before and I find myself writing more personal things when I DO write. A post a week is much larger than where I’ve been at, but I believe I can make it happen! If nothing else, I have at least one that should come easily-a pregnancy update. Writing is a passion of mine though, and I need to start making more time for it.

Post on Instagram daily

Guys, Instagram has always been one of my all time favorite social medias. Mostly because, honestly, I’ve never approached it as a super intense blogging platform. I’ve always just used it more for fun and it’s grown as a blog tool on the side. For some reason though, this past month I have not loved it. I don’t think it’s the comparison game, as I honestly don’t care about how “good” it looks as long as my heart is being shared. But I NEED to start sharing more again!


Go to the Pumpkin Patch!

One of the BEST parts of autumn in my opinion is the trip to the pumpkin patch. Because of Josh’s work schedule, we are looking at some pretty hard planning on our part to make this a full out family trip. I think it’s 100% worth it to make it happen though. I love this trip and can’t wait.

Figure out the Halloween costumes

I love Halloween, but I have a problem. My kids are older and therefore have opinions on things. BAD OPINIONS. Okay, okay, not bad opinions, but opinions that do not fit into what my hope is. Halloween is a prime example. I want an adorable family costume, with all of us to a theme. Doodle, Princess, and Monkey have pretty much destroyed that hope. With Josh being kind of the worst partner when it comes to family fun things…I give up. That being said, I still need to try and have Halloween costumes ready before the 30th this year! Wish me luck because Monkey has changed what he wants to be at least five times already.


Climb Mount Greylock!

On October 9th, the 50th Annual Ramble will be happening. On that Monday the area residents and people from all over, come around and climb up to the highest peak of Massachusetts! If you’ve been around the past year, you saw our trip up. This year we are going at it again. We are still unsure of which family members will be hiking, but we’re aiming for Princess, Doodle, Josh and myself! And yes—I’m doing this 22 weeks pregnant! It’s a huge undertaking for me but I need to do this to prove I can!

Begin walking daily again

I let my daily exercise come to an end because of the heat and pregnancy. Now it’s finally cooling down and I can walk more than five minutes without feeling like I’m going to pass out! With that change, I desperately need to begin exercising daily again. I would love to remain under 200lbs this pregnancy and be healthier at the end than the other two. I worked super hard to get where I am right now and I don’t want to just let that go because there’s a kiddo growing in me.


Start a Bible Study!

In the summer, I was not able to go to bible study because none of them happened at a time that I could consistently get child care. Now that the school year has begun, Awana has come back on Wednesdays. We’re so blessed that my church also offers bible studies and nursery on Awana nights. Now I just need to get there and stay involved. It’s so much easier to drop the littles off and come home and relax.

Do a personal bible study.

I have been doing really good getting bible verses throughout the day through GoTandem(I’m not being paid to say this, my church just suggested it!). However I would love to begin doing a daily bible study on my own. I find that as a mom of six, RightNow Media and watching videos through it have been the easiest way to get it in. I love to watch a video while I’m doing dishes or folding laundry. I just need to get back into the habit of putting that on instead of trash television or Discovery Channel!

So there we have it! Our eight goals for the month of October. I’ll check back in the first week of November to let you all know how we did.

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May Recap&June Goals

Hey sweet friends! Can you believe today is June 1st? Unlike most of these, where I exclaim how the month flew by…this month dragged on and on. May was a rough month on me on almost all fronts. Spiritual, mental, physical, relational. Everything.

I am so happy it’s June. Walking into a new month I want to focus so hard on making it new. I just hope to leave May and everything that came from it behind. Now, it wasn’t all bad. We did get our dog, we have spent a lot of time hiking, and Josh and I are so much more on the same page. But a new dog is exhausting, hiking isn’t giving me the same freedom as before. And Josh and I are working so well together because we have HAD to.

Overall, I’m so ready for June. Hello June. But before we dive into the new month, let’s review the goals I have done this month!

2 date nights!

We didn’t technically get two date “nights” but we did get two dates. We went out to dinner one night at a local Chinese place. We talked about our trip this summer, my trip to Florida and really caught up. Then we went out to breakfast one day! I feel like breakfast dates do NOT get the loving they should. It was a blast and we got to really reconnect over our favorite meal of the day. We aren’t any further with planning our overnight hunting trip but really all we need to do is pick which day!

Plan our trip to Florida!

As a whole, y’all I’m not much of a planner. Itineraries, schedules, routines…not my thing. When I originally wrote this goal I was hoping to be one of THOSE people. But I’m not. We have our house booked for the five days down there, we have food ideas, we have a few activities…and that’s good enough for me. I still need to finalize our route to drive but it’s mostly perfect.

The kids are so excited and so am I. My sisters and I talk about it far too often. It’s such a wonderful trip.

Continue updating older posts.

I didn’t do great at this. I’ve updated a few since starting this month, but as I mention it’s been a rough month. Any extra time I had I didn’t really spend doing this. There really wasn’t a whole lot of extra time if we’re being honest. It’s going to be an on going procedure. And I’m going to be okay with that.

Maintain or lose weight.

I have been doing okay with this! Before this past weekend I had lost a few more pounds. Memorial Day Weekend really put me off my usual food routine though. I’m probably a pound or so heavier than I was May 1st, but that’s okay! I am still hiking constantly and taking care of my body. Fluctuations aren’t a huge deal when I feel good.

May was apparently much more productive than I thought. Like I said, in raw authenticity…it’s been a hard month. I’m looking forward to a new month with new goals. What are those goals?

Write a post on marriage and one on faith.

I haven’t forgotten about my surveys sweet friends! I know you wanted some more articles on marriage and faith. I intend to have those both in the next month. I have been working on them. Life has just been overwhelming and neither are topics I feel super great at. But I want to listen to your wants! I have plans for both and how I want to tackle them.

Hike 45 miles in June!

That’s only about a mile and a half a day! I really want to stay on top of hiking and I feel like this is a healthy goal for 30 days. I’ve been doing 2-3 miles when I get out on my own, so this is totally doable.

Plan half way homeschool topics.

For those of you who have been around since last summer, you know how much I LOVE doing some unschooling during the summer months. This summer we’re planning on concentrating on survival skills. I want to have weekly ideas for things to read or talk about. With those things, we’ll have lessons that aren’t super structured, but fun. Some ideas include fire starting, shelter building, and edible plants!

If you have any suggestions for lessons, books, whatever for kids…please let me know! Leave me any suggestions for them.


Have two “clean up” hikes.

Guys, love your Earth. Seriously. We only have this one. I got this suggestion from a friend actually, sort of. We’re going to have two hikes that are specifically for helping clean up the trails.

One thing we try to stress with our kids is leaving no trace when we’re out in the woods. It’s depressing to see how few people respect that rule. God’s creation is a gift to man and man…do we miss that. We’re going to clean up as a family in hopes of helping remind our kids how beautiful a gift this world is.

Begin an 100daysproject Challenge.

An Instagram friend of mine is doing this and I loved the idea behind it. You do 100 days of something and share it on Instagram. She is doing 100daysoftruth! I’ve seen them done for a bunch of different things, a lot of art and printing. Anything really!

For mine, I’m going to be doing 100DaysofPoetry. Those of you who know me know poetry and slame are my first loves when it comes to writing. Over the past few years I’ve really put those on the back burner and rarely write poems anymore. I want to change that. Poetry is something that really helps my soul and allows me to share the most intimate parts of me. So be looking forward to that!

What are your goals for June?

April Recap, May Goals

April Recap&May Goals

Hey sweet friends! Can you believe that April is over and it’s MAY?! I’m in love with April, it’s one of my favorite months. It’s Josh and I’s birthday month and we celebrate hard. I also love the weather changing.

I’m actually quite proud of my April goals, which I would say were a pretty awesome success! Without further waiting…

April Recap:

Complete a Whole30. I DID IT. Okay, I did it a little off for about the last 5/6 days, but I totally am counting it. I am so happy about how well this went. You can read about it here.

Read three books. I have totally finished three books this month leaving me at 10 for the year! I still haven’t made it through “When the Enemy Strikes” by Charles Stanley. I will be sharing the books I’ve read once I make it to the half way point. I’ll take that opportunity to share my reviews as well.

Go through and update my pinnable graphics. Okay, complete honesty, I did not give this as much respect as it needed. I started going back and redoing our older posts and man…it’s time consuming! But, overall, I am really proud of what I have gotten done. I created a bunch of new images, updated some older posts, and am feeling really great abut it all. This is definitely going to be a continuous journey but this was a great start. I consider it a win!

April was an amazing and successful time for us! I am so happy with how hard I worked on my goals this month.

May Goals:

Two Date Nights. With the Whole30, our date nights were postponed. We *could* have gone out to eat…but how fun would it be for me? We desperately need some time alone…and to plan our backpacking trip! We’re going to section hike part of the Appalachian Trail this summer. My sister offered to keep the kids overnight and we are pumped! Our first date night is Saturday.

Plan our trip to FLORIDA. Guys…we’re going to Florida this year! Right now it’s all kind of up in the air, but the plan is Florida in August or Florida in November. We are not going to Disney World. My great grandmother lives in Florida and we will be staying close to her and visiting with her. She has met all the kids except Bear, so we feel like it’s super important to get down there. Did you meet your GREAT GREAT grandma?! Me neither. It’s also a great chance to get our family together and travel. I’m hoping to take advantage of being in the south and get in a cool hike as well. If we go in August, my sisters will probably join. If we go in November, Josh can come! Do YOU have any tips on traveling with kids, road tripping, packing small amounts?? Leave them below!

Continue updating older posts! This one is really time consuming, but if I can get 2 or 3 done a week, that would be awesome! I’ve finished a good chunk so here’s to hoping. Summer is a busy time for us and these updates must be done on a computer. When Josh gets back on nights, though, I will have every night to work on them after the big kids go to bed!

Maintain or lose weight.  I have a fear that after finishing the Whole30, this weight is going to jump back on. As I said above I plan to eat an 80/20 Whole30 diet on my off months. I know it’s up to me to eat better and that’s what I’m going to be focusing on! Also LOTS of hiking!

Do you have any May goals?!

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Whole 30-Day 30!!!

Well this is it, y’all! Today is my final day of the Whole30. The past 30 days I have lived on a “diet” that restricted gluten, beans, alcohol, dairy, added sugar…man oh man! I’m writing up a few of my final thoughts and I’m planning on going live tomorrow, after TBall(about 8ish) on my Facebook page. I’ll be taking any questions!

You can read day eight, fifteen, and twenty-two updates!

First, to clarify, I only made it to Whole30 on a few fronts. I have not had any dairy, any grains, or any beans(with the exception of day like 17 on accident) for 30 days. I however have not made it 30 days with no sugar. On about day 23 I folded and began adding almond milk creamer in my decaf coffee. It’s about 10 grams of sugar a day. Authenticity matters to me and I want to be completely open about how I did!

Physical Perks:

I think nearly EVERYTHING has been a physical perk. I have had so much more energy. My sleep habits (for the most part) have been absolutely amazing! My knee had been bothering me for awhile and it hasn’t hurt once while hiking. This may be a little “TMI” for some people, but you all asked for honesty-I’ve been more regular this past month than I can ever remember. In numbers, I have lost abut 12 pounds. I weighed in the first day at 193.6 and today I weighed in at . I’m also definitely a little bloated right now because…well read below!

Physical Downfalls:

In case you remember from last weeks update-my acne has been out of control. I did, however, receive a friend back this past week! My period has returned. That could be part of what is going on with my hormones. I have also noticed I have lost the “Tiger Blood” during this past week-probably because I’m losing lots of iron. This was my first after Bear and it was (like my first after Bug) a really hard one. The Whole30 didn’t help that!

Mental Perks:

Can I say everything again? I honestly feel so great right now. Minus the past four days (again, thanks period), my mind has been so happy and clear. I honestly can’t think of any downfalls. I feel so much better about myself right now. Honestly it’s been such a great challenge. My anxiety has been so much more under control.


So, what am I planning next?

As I mention above, I’ve been eating sugar for about a week now and at the limited amount I’ve been eating, I haven’t really seen any negative side effects. My headaches have been pretty non-existent. I’m assuming that sugar was not causing the problem! After today is up, I will be eating an 80/20 diet with the Whole30. What I mean by 80/20 is that most my meals and snacks will still be compliant, but I will not be overly anxious about small amounts in meals or treats when eating out.

The one thing I do believe I’m saying good-bye to is dairy. I’ve always had a low tolerance for dairy and unless after adding grains back in causes me to have a migraine, I’m assuming it’s been the dairy causing migraines. After reading everything I have on soy, I will also be staying away from that except in very small quantities.

I will be going live tomorrow, as mentioned above, so if you have any questions about the Whole30 and rocking it with 6 kids, please feel free to ask! I’ll try and answer them tomorrow.

Whole30 Update 22

Whole30 Update: Day 22

*Disclaimer: Affiliate links! Some links are affiliate links which means I get a small compensation from clicks or buying of the product with no additional cost  to you! I will never link you to something I don’t believe 100% in.*

Oh hey guys! Today is my day 22… have only about a WEEK left of the Whole30! My Mema said to me yesterday, “Wow that flew by!” I laughed because it didn’t exactly feel like flying to me those first few days. Now however, I cannot believe its almost over!

(You can read Update Day 8 here and Day 15 here)

With my usual authenticity, let me admit I was defeated on Easter. I tried to shy away from all the temptations, but my husband made his famous triple chocolate pie. When I say famous, I mean people will beg for this pie on holidays. I had two huge bites. I sure felt them later that day though. It broke the gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free all in one bite!

Other than that and my Natural Calm, still going strong!

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Physical Perks:

I have never in my entire slept better than I am at this point. I am able to sleep 6.5-8 hours a night! For anyone who knows me, you are well aware sleep has never come easy to me. With some amazing gift from God, Bear has begun sleeping as well and I am just in awe of how refreshing 7 hours can be. This past week I supposedly am at the “tiger blood” place where everything feels amazing! I can’t lie, I feel so good. My energy levels are up, we went on five hikes this week, and I’m sleeping so soundly.

Physical Downfalls:

I was told a lie y’all. Every single person I read about this from said that their skin looked AMAZING as a result. I don’t know why, but my skin is revolting against this diet. I have had breakout after breakout. And as a person, I rarely have skin issues. I’m not sure if it’s something completely separate causing it or if my skin really isn’t about good, whole, yummy foods. I would love for it to stop though. My only other thought is maybe my hormones are balancing out? Who knows.


Mental Perks:

EVERYTHING? I can’t lie, I am feeling so great emotionally, this may be worth a forever kind of diet change. My moods have been high, my anxiety in check, and I even have some decaf coffee I can enjoy now. I feel much more comfortable in my skin. I’ve definitely lost weight, which does make me feel better about my appearance. I was hanging on to a lot of weight that was making me way over a healthy number. I just feel really good all around.

Mental Downfalls:

On a totally vain side note though, I’m having a really hard time with these breakouts. As I mentioned, my face rarely broke out. It’s been a tough run trying to deal with that emotionally. I’ve had a hard time taking photos of myself because I don’t like not having clear skin. If you have any remedies that aren’t via a MLM company, please feel free to let me know. I’m pretty particular about what I put on my skin at this point. I recently went through a whole armpit detox and use Tom’s Deodorant now. So the more natural the better.


On a oops, wasn’t supposed to do that, note…I weighed myself! During the Whole30 you’re supposed to weigh yourself at the beginning and the end, but stay off the scale during the process. I wanted an idea of how much I lost however, and stepped on a scale yesterday morning! It read 181.8! That may not sound like a very low weight, but for reference, I began this journey at 193.6. That’s almost a 12 pound loss over 21 days! I’m feeling so encouraged by how I feel and now by the weight I’ve lost as well.

Next week I will be doing the update on Sunday, Day 30. I can’t wait to share with you my end result and my first meal as a free woman again!

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2017 So Far (Yearly Goals Update)

Hey sweet friends! Someone mentioned they missed seeing more of our personal life, so I’m going to start really trying to add these kinds of posts to my rotation. I love telling you guys about our family! My hope is you all enjoy reading about our adventures as well. Today I want to share with y’all how my goals for 2017 are going!

For those of you who missed it, my goals for 2017 were not that intense. We chose a word for our family to strive for this year. I chose a Bible verse to pray over and work on throughout this year. Then I had three more year long goals I wanted to complete. Without any further waiting, here is a little update on how we are doing!

Word of the Year: Peace

This year, I want to focus on finding peace in four main areas.

Peace within our chaos:

I feel like we have been doing really well in this! Things in our life will never not have any chaos because the very existence of 7 people living together create chaos. We have been able to really set aside family dinner as a moment of peace each day. We have also really practiced the art of saying no. There’s a bible verse that says(and I’m paraphrasing), “everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.” We have used that as a staple in saying no to some things. And yes-we get a lot of flack. We are currently not attending family bible study night at our church because it added too much stress. But that no has kept out chaos at least a bit more peaceful.

Peace in my actions:

In complete authenticity…I forgot I had written this down! I actually have been working a lot the past few weeks especially on not reacting as quickly and intensely as usual. I have noticed a huge shift in my impulsive behaviors since beginning the Whole 30 and that’s been amazing.

Peace within Jesus:

I have felt pretty great with Jesus lately. God has been working some miracles on my mental health and I am able to truly find joy in Jesus’ promises. I really need to work on getting in the Word more often. In case you haven’t noticed, this is just a constant in my life. Quiet Bible time and reflection are so hard to come by. I’ve found a few tricks to getting in The Word quickly that I hope to share with you guys later this week!

Peace with my past.

I have been working on this! I’m a firm believer that healing will never be linear and some times will be harder than others. However, the effort is being put in by both my husband and I.

My verse of the year: Titus 2: 3-5

“Similarly, teach the older women to live in a way that honors God. They must not slander others or be heavy drinkers. Instead, they should teach others what is good. These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children,  to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word  of God” (KJV)

This verse has been one I’ve prayed over many times this year. Make me more submissive. Allow me to learn from older Christians and mold me to lead younger ones to you. Give me a pure heart and put wisdom withing my mind to follow Your Word only. Close my slanderous mouth and allow me to bring joy and honor to God.

It’s obviously a work in progress, because my Christian walk will always be a work in progress. I have found a few people to behave as almost a mentor to. And I have been honored to be able to do that.


And for my three smaller goals! 

Lose 40 pounds/be healthier in 2017. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since my starting this! I am currently doing the Whole 30(Read about it on day 8 and day 15 here.) I am also SO much healthier than I was at Christmas time. I’m sleeping better, I’m more active, my mental health is flourishing. Once you start taking care of your temple, amazing things happen!

Read 26 books in 2017. I am currently about a third of the way through number nine and half the way through number ten! These numbers are really great because they’re right on schedule! I’m hoping to finish before we actually hit December and my “busy” season. (What season isn’t busy?)

Start writing the book and finish writing the devotional I startedWell the good news is I didn’t completely forget about this goal? This one hasn’t happened. At all. I have been free writing for myself a bit and that’s been a blast to write poetry again. But I haven’t worked at all on the devotional. I have considered sharing parts of the devotional on here and forgetting making it a full on book. Any thoughts?

Well there you have it friends! My 2017 goals so far. How are you doing on yours? 

Whole30 Update (1)

Whole30 Update: Day 8

Hey y’all! Since I’ve had a lot of people ask about The Whole30 and personal life stuff, I wanted to give a little update today! I also want to share a few of the recipes I’ve used this week(per the request of some of you guys!)

Week one is done! I am officially on day 8 of 30 and I am feeling okay. I’ve been asked about few things, so I figured I would just go through the basics of what I’m doing, feeling, eating. I am about to be completely honest so I am sorry about any TMI moments…but I’m a mom. I wipe bottoms and snots half my day.

Physical Perks:

I am feeling pretty great! I only went through about half a day of the “hangover” period. A little sugarless migraine came on about day four and went away after I had a little caffeine. I’m definitely losing weight, which while not the reason behind me doing this, I am not going to turn my nose up at that! I haven’t weighed myself but I can see a little difference in my face from the first day versus my face now.

Physical Downfalls:

I warned you all: TMI. My digestive system has NOT loved this diet change. I know cramping and diarrhea is a normal reaction…but not fun. I also went through the six and seven day slump. Exhaustion hit those two days and I thought I was a goner. Because we had a concert late Wednesday night, that ma partially be to blame for day six..but who knows! My stomach is still a little queasy because so much coconut milk and fruit. But I’m trying to get through it! And making sure I eat enough protein to balance the insane amounts of fiber.

Mental Perks:

I have felt a lot less anxiety the past week, even with our current political climate. This may be because caffeine has been completely cut out…who knows! No matter what it is, I am super excited to be experiencing less anxiety. And even with the fatigue that has hit me, I’m not feeling “depressed” per se. Which is outside my norm when it comes to being tired.

Overall, I feel AMAZING mentally.

Mental Downfalls:

I really miss eating food that I associate with happy moments. For example, having a bag of popcorn at the concert on Wednesday. I love popcorn and saying no was not my idea of fun. But it’s also a perk to+ be able to recognize my eating habits were really emotional a lot of the time was good.

What I’ve been eating:

Cajun Shrimp Spaghetti Squash:

This meal is super easy! What you need:

-9 large shrimp

-2 cups spaghetti squash

-1 medium onion

-1/2 can of mushrooms

-5 cloves of garlic

-coconut oil

-1 cup chicken broth

-Cajun Seasoning! (MAKE SURE THERE’S NO SUGAR!)

What you do:

-Put a dollop of coconut oil into your sautee pan.

-Add in diced onions, mushrooms, and diced garlic. Spinkle on some Cajun seasoning. Cook for about five minutes on low, cover on.

-Add in about half the chicken broth, continue cooking.

-Peel Shrimp and put into cajun mix.

-Heat up already roasted spaghetti squash

-Add shrimp and rest of broth into the sautee pan. Cook until shrimp are pink.

-Put on top of heated squash and ENJOY!

Y’all this meal was SO good! I’ve made it twice more since my original time making it. If you need a few extra calories, add in some more shrimp. If you’re not Whole30ing it with me, try it with parmesean cheese.

That’s how the first week of my Whole30 journey has gone! 22 days left to go.


March Recap&April Goals

March is over! I can’t lie, I almost don’t want to do this. My March goals have no been met. At all.

I can’t lie, I’m totally feeling the sting of failure this month. I wish I had done better. But it’s been a lesson to me and I’m ready to do better in April!

So, our very failed March Recap:

Complete a spiritual fast. I didn’t do this…at all. Ugh.

Walk/Run/Hike 40 miles. I haven’t done this. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the snow killed me. I thought it was supposed to stop snowing and turn into spring? Oh right-I’m in Western MA. Spring doesn’t exist this year HA! As I write this, it is snowing outside…

12 blog posts in March! I did succeed this in! I was very proud that I managed to write twelve posts this past month. It as hard and I don’t think I’ll be aiming for that again anytime soon because I’m slowly learning I have to put a lot more time and effort into the Exploring Neurodiversity and Mental Health. I LOVE that about them…but they sure do take up more time.

Stay on track with our GIFT challenge for the kids. I think this is the one that hurts most to admit I haven’t kept on top of. I loved my ideas so much, but introducing them every night for the next day then doing them has been…well a challenge. I wish I had a better way to do it but at least we do some of them; Princess has such a heart for the Lord and takes the initiative to remind us most days! That’s been wonderful to see.

Get Three Dates. We had one date night again. It’s been hard to make this a priority and to be frank, it’s exhausting when it feels like I’m the one pushing it all the time. Husbands, pursue your wives okay?

March was disappointing to say the least. It wasn’t a bad month, but I feel as though it was a lacking in progress month. Then again-it wasn’t. We did get Monkey set with therapy, we had a lot of fun with various things, and before the second huge snowstorm came we had a few family walks.

But I am SO ready for April. What are our April goals?

Complete a Whole30. I contemplated if I wanted to share this publicly or not, but I think I could use the encouragement and accountability that comes with sharing it. I’ve been recently dealing with a lot more migraines and pains in my knees. Someone brought to my attention we don’t eat exactly the healthiest-while we love our salads and veggies we are also a family of brownies and chips. I really like this particular thing because it has a focus on the reintroduction period and how your body reacts to each thing. Fingers crossed it’s not cheese making my head hurt. I don’t want to give up cheese!

Read three books. I had been doing really well with my 26 books in 2017 goal, but in March I slacked off(I slacked off on everything, let’s be real here.) I would love to read three more and put myself at ten books for the year on May 1st! I’m definitely going to be finishing “When The Enemy Strikes” by Charles Stanley and the mystery novel I had started. I’ll share the ten I’ve read in my April Recap, May Goals post.

Go through and update my pinnable graphics. I’ve come a long way since I began blogging and my graphics are one sure way to see that growth. I have updated some of my more popular posts, but I would love to go back and fix them ALL. It can be super time consuming, so with that I’m only aiming for 8 new posts this month.

That’s what April will shower down upon us! It also will bring Josh and I’s birthdays so follow the Facebook page and keep an eye out for our birthday live video. Do you have any burning questions you just SO want to know about us? Ask Below!

IMG_5054 (2)

February Recap&March Goals!

Hey y’all! Can you believe that tomorrow is MARCH?! I feel like February just began and suddenly BOOM. This month will mark Bug turning three and Bear turning ONE! A whole year with little BearBaby. I am not ready for this.

February was a great month. While the weeks are short the days felt long and slow and I was basking in all the snow this time of year. We had a great February vacation. The kids are just such fun when we spend days out and about.

February Recap:

Live Video on Bellows in the Berkshires. I did two live videos on our Bellows in the Berkshires Facebook! Both were for #mynorthadams and I loved them! I’m excited to do a few more, though I’m not sure what I would talk about live. I loved it though-it was a blast! I love to talk in front of people like that. I might use Facebook Live to share a little of my testimony…what do you all think?

Begin Exploring Neurodiversity& Mental Health. Guys I am SO HAPPY about this series!The first installment came out last Wednesday and was simply an introduction. Tomorrow we will begin with an informational article about ADHD. We are still taking stories of Neurodiversity and Mental Health!

3 Exercise videos a week.While my food habits have been really good, exercise has been a bit rough. I hurt my knee around the tenth and then my elbow less than a week later. So theres a few weeks in there I didn’t do what I intended to because the injuries, I’m feeling pretty good about the amount of exercise i did manage!

7 Days to better intimacy. We did not completely succeed in this(holla at your injuries and sickness…ugh) but we were so much more intentional about being intimate and I’m probably going to be sharing some advice later this month about being intimate despite having a lot of kids…because it’s not always easy, but it is SO worth. Josh said we can try this goal again…oh, my husband ha!

Overall I’m feeling okay with our February goals…now onto March! We have five goals this month!

March Goals:

Complete a spiritual fast. I’ve really felt called the past few weeks to do a fast. Josh and I have some bigger decisions to make in the upcoming months, one specifically being on me, and I keep feeling drawn back to the idea of fasting from all the extras to free up more of ME to hear God’s voice. We will be doing some less intense fasting as a family for Lent(read below about that!) but I have planned a fast on a few of our slower days. Hopefully the answers will become clear and I will hear His voice over the noise of this world.

Walk/Run/Hike 40 miles. After struggling so much with getting the videos done(because honestly, some of those exercises were HARD and I wonder if some of the injury came from trying to do things I couldn’t do), I decided to go back to my favorite way of making myself move! I’m praying that the warmth stays around so we can take the kids on some great walks and hikes, but mainly, I will be going 40 miles-at least- this month.

12 blog posts in March! I succeeded in writing nine this month without having a hope of doing that many, so I will be pushing forward to attempt to write three a week, and hitting twelve posts this month. I am super excited about the posts I have already started!

Stay on track with our GIFT challenge for the kids. I created a Lenten challenge that focuses on Giving, Intercession, Fasting, and Thankfulness. I am so excited to go through it and bring our children closer to Jesus through it.

Get Three Dates. We’re upping the score this month and attempting to get three date nights! February was lacking in dates, mainly the only one we got was the church dance and that was less a date and more a mama has to work, daddy has to show up. We can definitely feel it when we get such little time alone together…so we’re upping the ante this month!

So those are my February goals recapped and my March goals that are coming up! What are your goals?

January Recap&February Goals

January Recap and February Goals

Happy February y’all! I am so excited for this month; I adore Valentine’s Day. It’s also the month Doodle turns 14 and we have a great week off from school; I can hardly wait!

As I mentioned, I’m going to be aiming for monthly goals throughout the year in 2017. I have my year long goals already, but I love to have smaller, more attainable goals to aim for each month. I find it helps keep me accountable for the year resolutions as well!

January Recap

Run/Walk 31 miles! I am so proud to say I not only hit 31 miles but I surpassed it and made it about 40! Most those miles were walking, though I have managed to bring my mile from about 18 minutes the first walk I went on to 12 minutes, 27 seconds! I am actually feeling pretty great about my “get healthy” journey right now. I’ve lost about 5″ from my waist and I feel better than I have in a long time.(Minus the head cold I’m currently nursing.) I shared a little on how I exercise and why I exercise on the blog too. Over all? I say I won this goal!

Post 8 articles throughout the month.
 I did it! I only posted 8, which I would love to post more in the coming months, but I did it! An aim for mine, while not a goal, is to become more consistent with when I post, depending on the day. Usually I just get so excited I post as soon as it’s ready, something I need to work on! But this was a solid win for this goal!

Two date nights with exciting new date ideas
. We did get two date nights, one where we went out somewhere new, Public eat+drink,  then came home for some alone time-which literally consisted of me taking a shower and NOT getting dressed in the bathroom! SCANDALOUS. I haven’t done that in four years…in fact I spend more time naked in the hospital after babies than in my own home. The second date night was a date day. We went to one of our good old favorites, The Hub. A win on all fronts for us. 

Wake up by 7:15am every day. 
This was a total failure, if I’m putting it kindly. Bear, our youngest, does not believe in sleep. I’m not exaggerating…last night he slept a total of 6 hours tops and that’s a good night. I even shared some of my favorite things to do during the night other than binge on Netflix. By 7 am I am just falling asleep and I have to be okay with that to survive. Towards the end of January, Bear has started sleeping a little more so I’m going to keep trying to get him into a routine where wake-up is 7ish!

Over all, I’m pretty proud of this months goals! I feel like I accomplished a good number of them and have made a great start to 2017!

February Goals

Live Video on Bellows in the Berkshires. I did my first live video in a group, y’all, and I loved it. I would love to take that over to Bellows in the Berkshires and make a live video there…just need to get up the courage to do it. Follow us on Facebook and turn on the notifications if you want to watch along when that time comes!

Begin Exploring Neurodiversity. For a long time, I’ve wanted to talk more about different developing speeds, mental health, and the vast neurodiversity our children experience in this world. I want to do this for three reasons: for our children, with our children, and because of our children.As my post on Facebook read:

This series is going to be all about exploring neurodiversity with our children, for our children and because of our children. What will it include?
-Tips on how to talk about neurodiversity with your kids and teens
-Basic information about different diverse mental/developmental/behavior things.
-Tips and tricks for getting YOUR kids, YOUR family, and YOU the help needed.
-Stories from others who have lived or are living with neurodiverse situations.

And that’s where you come in! If you had interest in sharing your story, as a person with, a parent, a child, a sibling of a person with any type of neurodiversity(ADHD, depression, BPD, PTSD, OCD, etc) I would LOVE to add your story. My goal is to get stories of those through the hardest parts as encouragement for those still in the very beginning or roughest points. If you are interested in adding your voice to the world, please fill out this form(…/1pZly6nRiy0m0XUndIcVLkH-s…/prefill) and I will be in contact with you.

I would love to have you join me by sharing your story!

3 Exercise videos a week. Following along with my goal to be healthier, this month I’m going to aim to do 3 exercise videos a week!

7 Days to better intimacy. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the 7 days of Sex challenge(which is why I’m getting the book-I know we’re not doing it at the right time, but hey no time like the present!). I’m so interested and excited for it. I’m passionate about teaching about sexual abuse and healthy sex to my kids and I’m also passionate that sex can be a wonderful beautiful thing. Josh is excited about this goal too…haha! 

What are your February goals?