Caressing the Bump

I hear a lot of questions about “When is it okay to rub another woman’s bump?” and sometimes I’m a little blown away by the answers. Some people, people I have met in a gas station, think it’s okay to go up to a complete stranger and just start rubbing up on their belly.

I’ve been pregnant twice now and I can tell you, more belly more problem.

I’ve had more people than I can count ask when I’m due. And if I’m having twins. Or my favorite, guess a due date that is in a few weeks-when I’m really only halfway through! The worst though, without question, are the women who feel it’s their RIGHT to rub your belly. 

Now maybe, for some people, that’s okay, but in my experience most pregnant ladies don’t want that-and I am one of those pregnant ladies. Please do not come up to me and just start rubbing my belly. It makes me very uncomfortable.
However, I know other women have don’t have an issue with people rubbing their belly; some even really enjoy it!
I put together a nifty little flowchart for anyone wondering if it’s appropriate to touch the baby bump!

That should be easy enough to follow!

As long as I know you and you give me a heads up, I don’t mind people whom I know touching my bump. Some days I may be in a mood where I don’t want it, but I usually am okay as long as I know you’re about to caress it. I think most others would share that thought!

It’s important we continue to ask women for permission though, because it helps reassure these women that it’s still their body. Yes, there is a child growing inside of me. That life is precious and loved. That life is a whole other being than me. But this is STILL my body. I strive to teach my kids daily that their bodies are their own. The second my child is born, I will begin to cram that message into their head because it helps prevent sexual abuse. 

Therefore, it only makes sense to me that others would show me the same respect as a woman. Don’t touch the bump without permission. Just don’t.

As a side note, please do not go and ask a woman if she is pregnant. Please. Thanks.

Have you ever had a stranger caress the bump? How did you react?


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