Bumpdate! 13 weeks.


Hey all! Here we are, week 13 of pregnancy. I’ve slacked off with photos weekly because I’ve been pretty darn sick. The above is a picture of 10 weeks. Below is 13(today)!


The Questions Each Week!

How far along? 13 weeks!

Total weight gain/measurements: I don’t use a scale at home but at my last appointment, I had lost 7ish pounds since conception!

Maternity clothes: Never! No, I still fit into my regular clothes and hope to for awhile longer

Stretch marks: No new ones still!

Sleep: The dreaded pregnancy insomnia has hit, coupled with the awesome fatigue. I’m more tire than I ever remember being before.

Best moment this week: We got a sneak preview of the littlest love! Our office usually only performs anatomy scans, unless your high risk, so seeing the little one this early was something that never happened with my other pregnancy and that was pretty awesome. Disclaimer, I’m not high risk! I just have an anterior placenta.


Miss anything? Since going out to lunch at my favorite Chinese/sushi place, it’s still sushi. It will always be sushi.

Movement: None yet, though the ultrasound technician said they are a little mover in there!

Food cravings: Bruschetta! I have loved it this pregnancy.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Most other foods.

Gender: Mama is pretty certain this one is a boy, again, though others have said they believe girl! Daddy is still holding his vote until Mama is a little wider.

Labor signs: Those can begin in 25 weeks. Hold off til then, sweets.

Symptoms: Still the constant nausea, with some fatigue and sleeplessness, as well as a lovely time spent trying to not be dizzy.

Belly button in or out? In! I never popped out last time, I don’t foresee it this time either.

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Emotional. SO EMOTIONAL.

Looking forward to: Still holding out that I will not be nauseous at some point! And I can’t wait to know if baby is a boy or girl…5/7 more weeks!

I’m so excited for a gender reveal party; I can’t wait to know if we’re welcoming Amy-Jane Lucille or Bear Charles into our family in March! Stay tuned for the sharing of what we are choosing as far as cesarean or VBAC, which will be coming after our 16 week appointment! 


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