7 Bloggers You NEED To Check Out.

On this slow and simmering Wednesday, I wanted to give some of my always readers a few new blogs out there to check out! Be prepared: These are not all mom bloggers. There ones who have touched my heart and whose blogs I have loved to read, even if we are at totally different places in life. Here we go!


Coffee With Summer: I’ve known Summer longer than I’ve known my husband, y’all. We met on Tumblr years and years back and she was a constant support while I was struggling with my mental health. She’s authentic and honest on her blog-and it helps she has a quirky and quick sense of humor that always make me laugh. One of my all time favorite posts by her is: My Mother Didn’t Come To My Wedding. If you’re looking for authentic writings on fashion, lifestyle, blog tips, and LOTS of coffee…check her out. Her Facebook page is: here. And the Instagram: here.

Rebekah AnneRebekah is a super sweet, stylish, and supportive mama. She’s currently pregnant with her second babe and I’m so excited…it’s almost embarrassing! She’s fashionable for us ladies who are having babies and gives great tips on loving your body now and how to make it look great and you feel confident. One of my favorite posts by her though, is one on marriage that I’ve been trying to live by: The Best Marriage Advice I have Ever Received. She’s great if you’re looking for lots of mom fashion with a big heart behind it all. Her Facebook Page is: here. Her Instagram: Here.

Hey There ChelsieChelsie is my go to for all things fashion related. She loves beauty and if you’ve been around here awhile, you’ve seen me share her hair tips, make up ideas, etc. She’s even the person I trust enough to go out and buy the make up she’s suggesting. That’s a big deal for me. I also love Chelsie though, because she is possibly one of the cutest and kindest people I’ve ever seen. She talks about her battle with pediatric cancer on her blog(my favorite post by her is heart heavy, but shows her soul through it: How Cancer Complicates Birthdays), as well as sharing inspiration and hope.  You can find her Facebook page: here. And Instagram: here.

Sobremesa StoriesOh, my adoration and respect for Lauren. A first time mom with a heart much like my own for soaking in the minutes(favorite: How I’m Fighting the Pressure to Be Productive) and sharing stories, Lauren is one of those bloggers I look to for guidance-especially with home decor! I sometimes wish I could hire her(and possibly sell my children) and have the entire house styled by her. She also hosts “Weekly Woman Wednesdays” which is a WONDERFUL series featuring all different women. Her Facebook is: here. And her Instagram is here

Heid&SeekingWell, this one should have been obvious it was coming up! My best friend for the past 15ish years blogs too and I love it. She’s transparent about all the things in her life that may not be perfect, her relationship, her faith, and her past(favorite post ever, by anyone, that made me sob…and I was there for it all so it probably shouldn’t have: On Being The Other Woman) She’s also a fantastic photographer and if I didn’t mention that talent to anyone in or around Northern Alabama( Nothing Fades Photography) I would be wrong! You can see her Facebook here and her Instagram here.

Coming Up RosesErica is what I always kind of had in my head about a blogger-she’s gorgeous, she is inspirational, she’s taking on life one step at a time. But she’s also so engaged and so kind, even to those little people way off in the distance, who are not blogging about being a total babe and rocking life(I mean, I have a total babe?) Erica shares a lot of posts that help you live a better life now and a lot of inspiration, but one of my favorites from her is How I Deal With Panic Attacks.We’re all pretty aware that’s something I cope with daily and I loved her article on it. If you’re looking for help on killing it, check out her Facebook and her instagram

It’s Simply LindsayGuys, I adore Lindsay. She’s a sweetheart, with style and grace. Lindsay is another mama who is having her second soon and who is looking much better than I ever did. For all my want to blog friends out there, I suggest her blog. Even if you just want to have some fun on Instagram, join her #simplystyled monthly challenges! (Lindsay’s Instagram: here) One of my favorite posts by her, and it’s actually the one that drew me into her at first, was Why It’s Time To Get Rid Of Basic B****Find her Facebook here!

What about you? Do you know and love any of these bloggers? Do you have any I should check out?!

4 thoughts on “7 Bloggers You NEED To Check Out.

  1. You are so, so sweet to include me in this list and I’m so encouraged by your words here! I love all those ladies too (you included!). I’m so glad to have met you via the blogging world. Love following along with your sweet family!

  2. Oh my word, Lauren!!! You seriously made me tear up. It’s crazy how we don’t always know the impact we have on others until they speak out. You are super-mom and you inspire me so much. I look up to you and can’t wait to ask you questions about being a momma one day (loved our convo on Snap). So thankful for you! You have grown SO much in grace, character, and self-love over the years and it’s a blessing to witness. It’s crazy how far God can bring us when we just live our life for Him. We NEED to meet whenever I’m back in or traveling through MA again. We’ve known each other for what, 6-7 years? It’s time we meet!! Love you and all that you are, lady!!

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