Birthing Affirmations for This Christian Mama

As we approach our second birth, I’ve been looking at ideas to help make my VBAC or second cesarean as peaceful and family oriented as possible. My last birth had been rather unsavory for my taste and I wanted to make sure no matter how little Bear comes out, this birth leaves better feelings in my heart and soul.

I found a few articles while scouring the web about affirmation cards and I decided to go ahead and make some of my own affirmation cards! I wanted them to reflect our family and our faith.

breathe in JesusMy StrengthMy RefugeMy Savior Ristorante

Personally, I made a few and printed them off the computer. Then I went ahead and I have asked my family and friends to help by writing messages of strength, faith, and hope on note cards. I even had our kids write some for Josh and I to have on hand. My favorite I’ve gotten so far is the one from the Princess that says “I love you mom…and Bear!!”


Included in this, I wrote notes to myself, of comfort and reminding me to stay present and lean into Jesus. I even added in some thoughts on keeping my faith if a VBAC wasn’t a possibility.

I personally don’t have a big birth plan written up this time around. I know we want to go for the VBAC, we are going to put off medical induction as long as possible, I am planning on using nitrous oxide before any other pain controls, and I hope to labor in the water for the time I can with calming, Christian music. Our midwives have a smaller “birth plan” to fill out that just highlights what our basic plans are and beyond what they have given us, I trust whole heartedly in their intentions to help me have the birth I desperately ache for.

I do have these affirmations and prayer cards from the people I love the most though. And I will have my husband by my side for the duration of labor. We shall see if the affirmations help!

Mamas out there, how did you get through birth, be they medicated, unmedicated, cesarean, etc?


(PS. Feel free to take these affirmations if you want them!)

5 thoughts on “Birthing Affirmations for This Christian Mama

  1. I love that you’re having your family make some notecards for you! That’s a great way to have everyone involved, but still have a little privacy. Good luck! No matter if your little bear comes into the world via VBAC or a second cesarean, you’re an amazing momma, and he’ll be so loved!

  2. Well said! Affirmations work when we believe what we are saying and when we use the name of Jesus and the word of God, things will change! Praise God! Thank you for your post!

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