Bellows Hiking In The Berkshires: North Pond Loop(Savoy State Forest)

It’s no secret my heart adores North Adams Massachusetts. Like any smaller town, we have our downfalls, but I am so passionate about the good parts of NAMA. I want to use this space as an area to share those awesome parts; it’s important to me to use this space to highlight the best parts of my city.

Whether you’re in North Adams for one of the world renowned bands that are performing at Mass MoCA, visiting the art museum, camping in one of the amazing nearby campgrounds, or dropping someone off at MCLA, you may need something to do with kids for a day. My kids LOVE to hike. I want to share some of my favorite hiking trails with the kids! A reminder to first time visitors, I am usually doing these hikes out with 6 kids, ages 13, 7, 6, 4, 2, and 3 months!

Our Hike on North Pond Loop

Today’s hike? North Pond Loop at Savoy State Forest.

The North Pond Loop is a beautiful 3.5/4 mile hike around the North Pond in Savoy State Forest. If you follow my Instagram, you’ve seen many photos of Savoy and know it’s one of my favorite state parks-I spent a summer working there! This hike looked easy enough on the map and I’ve walked it alone quite a few times(and kept it clean while working there!). This was my first time walking it with children, however.


We started in the afternoon, right after lunch, after eating up at the lake. My sister, the one who just graduated, came along for the afternoon.

The hike was a bit longer than I remembered, or felt longer than it had without children. The older three did quite well, though in the last half mile Monkey did complain a bit about getting to the lake to go swimming. Bug had a rough time the last two miles, but we had an extra hand to help give him a piggy back ride and carry when he began to have a meltdown. I’m unsure if he was tired from the length or the fact we walked right about nap time; a mistake I will not make again.



The actual hike was quite easy! There are a few spots when it inclines, but it was super easy inclining. The length is a little much, but it’s mostly flat ground to walk on. A good amount of this trail is wider and strolling worthy. There were a few places where we had to walk almost single file, but a good rest of this hike was wide set.

I really recommend this hike for kids who are a bit older or mamas who have a partner to wear the younger ones. If we had both my wraps, I could have easily handed off Bear and worn Bug myself! The walk is very easy though for those who can walk a few miles!The sights are fair, no grand waterfalls or lookouts. The trail is extremely well marked; the paths that lead to different loops and trails are obvious. 



The extra bonus is after this hike, if it’s a warm day as it was for us, we headed to North Pond swimming area! It’s our favorite swimming hole in the Northern Berkshires with clear water and a wonderful beach…I send everyone up there on warm days! (A list of our favorite swimming places is coming soon!)


It costs 8 dollars for MA residents to park at state parks, ten if you are not from MA!


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