Bellows Hiking in the Berkshires: Natural Bridge

It’s no secret my heart adores North Adams Massachusetts. Like any smaller town, we have our downfalls, but I am so passionate about the good parts of NAMA. I want to use this space as an area to share those awesome parts; it’s important to me to use this space to highlight the best parts of my city.

Whether you’re in North Adams for one of the world renowned bands that are performing at Mass MoCA, visiting the art museum, camping in one of the amazing nearby campgrounds, or dropping someone off at MCLA, you may need something to do with kids for a day. My kids LOVE to hike. I want to share some of my favorite hiking trails with the kids! A reminder to first time visitors, I am usually doing these hikes out with 6 kids, ages 13, 7, 6, 4, 2, and 3 months!Our hike aroundNatural Bridge

On the schedule today? Natural Bridge!




Natural Bridge isn’t frequented by us because it doesn’t have an area to swim while or after we hike a bit, but that may be changing! We ended up heading up there for a few hours of exploring with our extra kiddo and my husband. I thought the kids would sort of wander around for a bit, but they fell in love with the beautiful rocks and twisting walkways right away.



For those not in the area, Natural Bridge is named for the arch carved into the marble bedrock over a 60 foot drop into the waters beneath. It also has a quarry with a beautiful marble dam and gorgeous sloping rocks on the other side. The exposed marble adds a feeling of absolute awe in God’s creation.

IMG_1272 (2)




We decided to not take the short looped hike, choosing instead to just wander around and let the kids experience the trip and the rocks-my kids tend to love rocks, especially Bug. They climbed, they stressed mama out because she hates heights, and they loved learning about the marble and rocks!





I honestly didn’t expect them to enjoy this so much, nor myself, but we plan on heading back up again later this week and once it’s not too hot and swimming isn’t necessary so many days, we will probably spend a lot of time exploring those rock formations. I highly recommend this to anyone who has children from ages 2-20! The walk itself could be a little challenging to anyone who doesn’t have the surest feet. Parking is five for Mass plates and six dollars for non-MA plates!


Natural Bridge is an amazing stop if you want to stretch your legs or if you want to bring little geologists exploring for a day!

Anyone want to meet me there for some science lessons? 😉


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      I may have seen that when I went to google the depth of the gorge!😂. I would love to visit that one too.

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