Bellows Books 3: Night Night, Farm by Amy Parker

Disclosure: I received this book free from BookLook Bloggers, book review bloggers program. I was not told to write a positive report-every opinion following is my own.

IMG_1791 (2)

(It’s Teddy Bear approved!)

I recently received “Night Night, Farm” by Amy Parker, illustrated by Virginia Allyn from BookLook bloggers. I love to get new kids books, expecially ones with Jesus in their message. MY kids love to be read to-and to “read” to me. We are always looking for new books we will enjoy.

IMG_1779 (2)

IMG_1770 (2)

(Nice little cuddles while reading our book)

Night Night, Farm” did not disappoint! The book was a whimsical goodnight to the animals living on a farm, going through each livestocks bedtime routine. It was obviously a fictional book, as the baby horse was in some footie pajamas and the mice were having their own hayride. The rhymes of the book itself were adorable. My husband was raised on a farm of sorts and the kids and I love to pretend we’re still farmers, so this little book was perfect for Bug. Mama loved that it brought the farm life back to Jesus and His love. The book wasn’t “saturated” in gospel, but it did have a wonderful message in it.

IMG_1813 (2)

(Monkey joined in the fun, he wanted to read the book to Bear)

Possibly my favorite part though, was the illustrations in this particular children’s book. The colors were vibrant and bold. It was so well drawn! My son loved the horse in jammies and the little mice the most!

IMG_1852 (2)

(The three youngest kiddos, maybe reading together? Or…who knows. Bear looks so scared though!)

I really recommend this book to anyone who is on the look out for a Christian book for their little babes. I honestly loved it so much I went on the look out for other Amy Parker books and found out we already have two other books she’s collaborated on: God’s Promises for Girls and God’s Promises for Boys! I’m planning on picking up Thank You God for Mommy and Thank You God for Daddy as well!


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