Becoming Biblical., part 2: Prayer Box!

It’s been sitting on my mind for the past few months and I decided I was going to do some serious soul searching and Bible reading and church talking about how to be a more Biblical woman. For years, I’ve been going along with what I’ve seen, read, and heard. I’m at this point in my spiritual journey where I finally feel I can revisit and figure out how to be a Biblical woman, using my own knowledge of the Bible, relying on trustworthy women and men of God and discerning what is right and what is worldly. In that list, I have been exploring modesty, submission, prayer, and fellowship. I have chosen to share my discoveries with you. Please remember your Christian path and journey will never be the same as mine and this is what I feel called to; not what I am telling YOU to live as.


As I approached the idea of prayer and my own personal prayer time, I recognized myself as lacking. I have all the excuses in the world-I’m a mom to almost 6, I have a husband to take care of and a house to clean, I am running a group within our church, etc. I have all the time constraints in the world. And by the time I have twenty or thirty minutes to begin my prayer time, I’m tired, I can’t find all my things and honestly, watching Chopped on Food Network seems much more appealing.

All the things that are keeping me from having private prayer time are reasons I should be having private prayer time, though! So in my current attempt to better myself in Biblical ways, I decided it was important to make my prayer time better.

I began with the idea of having a prayer closet, but that was lost once I realized time and space would be a huge factor in creating my own alone room for that. Instead I would create a prayer box; an area to keep everything together I needed when I got to sit for my private prayer time in one spot. The box also serves as a pretty constant reminder that it’s important for me to find time to pray!

So what’s in my prayer box?


My Bible! Of course! I personally use a KJV Journaling Bible for prayer time, thanks to my beautiful mother in law! I love that the pages have areas to write in my own commentary or doodle…or my favorite: illustrate verses.

A Christian book(or two!). At the moment, I’m rereading “Becoming Myself” by Stasi Eldredge and I also have(not pictured) “Mad About God” by J.S. Park. I love both these books and in my current attempt to become more myself, I highly recommend Becoming Myself to any females! (I have linked both these authors sites on my own accord-neither book was provided to me for review reasons nor was any monetary value!) IMG_8394

A snack and some water! It may just be because I’m pregnant, but I love to keep a snack on hand at all times. And I need water, pretty much constantly. Getting water and snacks is also a huge distraction during prayer time-so have it right on you to not have to run and grab one.


My journal. I keep a prayer journal where I can write in all my thoughts and the things I need to pray over or the things people ask me to pray for. I also do a lot of bible drawing in there, which is why I also keep my colored pencils and waterpaints in my prayer box. I love to have that option right there so I can paint verses out that mean a lot to me. I also keep a pen in there because crazily enough, in our house, you can never find a pen when you need onIMG_8403e.

A blanket! This isn’t the most important thing in there, but it is the thing I need the most! I’m always cold so keeping it in there helps me stay warm while studying. I can’t go snuggle in my bed while keeping warm though, because a tired mom in her bed is never a good idea!!

That’s what’s in my prayer box? Any other busy mamas or dads out there who have a prayer box? What do you keep in yours?


4 thoughts on “Becoming Biblical., part 2: Prayer Box!

  1. Good idea to have all of those things so you don’t have to get up and down and get distracted. I have really been curious about the journaling Bibles. I cannot decide if it would help or distract me. haha

  2. I love the idea of a prayer box! I too find myself become too busy to pray. It’s really weighing on my lately. There is always something to do which leads me to being stressed. But I know if I just give God my time, He will help me with the stress. That control over my daily tasks is really keeping me from doing what I need to be doing!

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