Bear Baby Bumpdate!

I am 33 weeks today!

I can barely handle that, it was about 29 weeks ago we found out we were having our sixth child and 25 weeks ago we announced he was on the way!

And there’s only 7-9 weeks left until we are blessed with our next baby. Bear is so anxiously awaited, by myself, Josh and all the kids. Every time we head to a doctors appointment, we are asked again “Is the baby coming home with you this time?”

IMG_8613 (2)

(It’s terribly unattractive, but I can’t stop laughing at this one. And I love my stretchmarks!)

What have we been up to?

Our past few weeks have been pretty low-key. I had a horrible computer experience which left my laptop down for the money and my genius of a husband unable to fix it. Blogging ended up on the back burner, which broke my heart! But the family has really just been enjoying time together. I took the three youngest(and Bear) to Mass MoCA for free day this past weekend and we had a blast. Nothing too exciting has happened since Christmas time though. We had a mini scare where he was causing some mini contractions, but thankfully laying down and drinking extra water helped stop them. Other than that, it’s been a pretty perfect pregnancy.

mass MoCA free day

(To keep up with us in picture form, feel free to check out Bellows in the Berkshires on Instagram!)

IMG_8609How are we feeling?

I am sore, but good! The baby is on my hips and in my ribs; sleeping is getting increasingly hard and my comfort level is non existent. But I am so excited and ready for Bear to come on out and join this messy, crazy, loving family. I’m still looking forward to a VBAC, I’ve passed all my tests with flying colors, and we have the plans set up for when I go into labor/right after we have him. I think I’ve even talked Josh into getting Netflix for the first few months-newborns, at least newborn ones, are awake at the weirdest hours and do I hate late night television! I will be posting my bag for the second labor and delivery as well as a post about what goes in my breast feeding basket for late night nursing!

I’m going to go with the fact that Bear seems great. Josh still has not felt him move, but we all love to watch his crazy kicks as they cause my stomach to tremble. I think he’s shy to other touches though, because Bear still hides from the heartbeat doppler. He keeps giving mama scares when they look for him! But his heartbeat has been steady, he measures right on schedule, and he seems pretty comfortable.

What are we looking forward to?

Him getting here! Seven weeks seems so long, but it’s also so close. We have a lot going on from now until then, including two birthdays, so I know it’s going to go by quick…but I can not wait! I’m also a little terrified to add another newborn into our home. Teens and preteens and toddlers don’t really scare me-but I am not great with newborns! I’m trying to get not worry though. I’m also all about giving myself some good old grace this time around, for anything that may pop up! (And I hope you other parents out there do too!) 

Seven weeks. Can you believe it could be that soon?


5 thoughts on “Bear Baby Bumpdate!

  1. So exciting, Lauren! It’s been so fun to be so close to you in my pregnancy. I’m glad little man is healthy and strong! I can’t wait for a few months from now when we’re both posting baby pictures instead of bump pictures 🙂

  2. Lauren, this is so exciting…you are getting so close! I’m sure you guys are super anxious to meet your sweet boy. I can totally identify with your intimidation regarding newborns…we are working on our second adoption and I don’t know if I’m ready to go back to the sleepless nights and weird hours! But they are precious and little for only a couple of months so it’s worth it! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get some rest!

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