August Five for Friday!

Happy August y’all! I usually do a five for Friday post on the first Friday of the month but somehow I forgot this past week. I’m not sure how, because it was written in my date book and everything. However, c’est la vie! That’s life; especially when you’re doing life with many many children! What’s been happening around here lately?

We had VBS at the church! Yes, VBS happened. It was a long and crazy week, with me dressed up in an Egyptian outfit and the church hitting an unnatural warmth. The kids loved it! They are still singing the songs and dancing the dances. Even more importantly, one of my sisters came and helped out and another came as a member and he loved it…and wants to go to Youth Group in the future! Introducing (or re-introducing in my sisters case) people to Jesus and seeing them feel the love our church has to give is one of my favorite parts about working Vacation Bible School at our church(and I have plenty of things I love about our church!). I also shared the survival guide to VBS…it’s meant to be funny though!

My health journey is going great! I’ve been doing pretty well with walking and exercising, as well as eating healthier every day. I’ve also lost a little weight according to the scale! So that’s great. Having a Fitbit is a blast and I may be trying to convince my entire family to get them…we’re so competitive, none of us would ever stop walking. Eating healthy has been fun and honestly not too hard-I’ve always eaten pretty well so this was just going back to pre baby styles. I’m nowhere near pre-Bug weight, but I am getting close to pre-Bear!

I got a little honest on my Instagram. The month of July, at least the two last weeks, was pretty tough on me. It’s been getting better and I’m focusing my eyes on Jesus and the comfort only He can bring, even in the hardest of times. I’ve been spending more time in the Word and journaling it out. I’ve also chosen to rely on people I usually wouldn’t rely on and that’s made a huge difference. Being vulnerable is hard, but it’s oh so worth it.

The summer is coming to an end and we are trying so hard to soak in every moment of it! From hiking, to more hiking, to swimming…this summer has been a beautiful one. The kids and I have adventured and seen new places and things. We have seen so many sights and been to all ends of Northern Berkshire. Today we’re venturing outside mama’s comfort zone and heading to North Shore. We love the beach and I have the need for salty waters…so here’s to adventuring!

Summer is over which means SCHOOL IS STARTING. I’m so excited for these new steps each of my babies will be taking this year. Doodle is off to high school, Monkey and Princess are in 1st and 2nd grade. Even the little boy I nanny for is starting pre-school…it’s insanity! I hope you are all ready for lots of halfway homeschooling posts because I already have three ideas I am crushing to do with Bug. I love educational and intentional playtime.  School starting also means Princess has a birthday coming. We skipped celebrating last fall because the move, so I better give her a good one!

I have so many ideas for posts to do this fall and as much as I have loved the kids being here…I can’t wait to have free time to take photos and write. Sure, the extra J is only going to half days of school and Bear and Bug will still be home, but hey, two kids is nothing when you’re used to five or six!


I hope you are all still having a blast and enjoying the last weeks of summer!


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