April Recap&May Goals

Hey sweet friends! Can you believe that April is over and it’s MAY?! I’m in love with April, it’s one of my favorite months. It’s Josh and I’s birthday month and we celebrate hard. I also love the weather changing.

I’m actually quite proud of my April goals, which I would say were a pretty awesome success! Without further waiting…

April Recap:

Complete a Whole30. I DID IT. Okay, I did it a little off for about the last 5/6 days, but I totally am counting it. I am so happy about how well this went. You can read about it here.

Read three books. I have totally finished three books this month leaving me at 10 for the year! I still haven’t made it through “When the Enemy Strikes” by Charles Stanley. I will be sharing the books I’ve read once I make it to the half way point. I’ll take that opportunity to share my reviews as well.

Go through and update my pinnable graphics. Okay, complete honesty, I did not give this as much respect as it needed. I started going back and redoing our older posts and man…it’s time consuming! But, overall, I am really proud of what I have gotten done. I created a bunch of new images, updated some older posts, and am feeling really great abut it all. This is definitely going to be a continuous journey but this was a great start. I consider it a win!

April was an amazing and successful time for us! I am so happy with how hard I worked on my goals this month.

May Goals:

Two Date Nights. With the Whole30, our date nights were postponed. We *could* have gone out to eat…but how fun would it be for me? We desperately need some time alone…and to plan our backpacking trip! We’re going to section hike part of the Appalachian Trail this summer. My sister offered to keep the kids overnight and we are pumped! Our first date night is Saturday.

Plan our trip to FLORIDA. Guys…we’re going to Florida this year! Right now it’s all kind of up in the air, but the plan is Florida in August or Florida in November. We are not going to Disney World. My great grandmother lives in Florida and we will be staying close to her and visiting with her. She has met all the kids except Bear, so we feel like it’s super important to get down there. Did you meet your GREAT GREAT grandma?! Me neither. It’s also a great chance to get our family together and travel. I’m hoping to take advantage of being in the south and get in a cool hike as well. If we go in August, my sisters will probably join. If we go in November, Josh can come! Do YOU have any tips on traveling with kids, road tripping, packing small amounts?? Leave them below!

Continue updating older posts! This one is really time consuming, but if I can get 2 or 3 done a week, that would be awesome! I’ve finished a good chunk so here’s to hoping. Summer is a busy time for us and these updates must be done on a computer. When Josh gets back on nights, though, I will have every night to work on them after the big kids go to bed!

Maintain or lose weight.  I have a fear that after finishing the Whole30, this weight is going to jump back on. As I said above I plan to eat an 80/20 Whole30 diet on my off months. I know it’s up to me to eat better and that’s what I’m going to be focusing on! Also LOTS of hiking!

Do you have any May goals?!

4 thoughts on “April Recap&May Goals

  1. Silvia says:

    I’m working on Whole 30 this month! I’ve been able to complete it before but the second time around didn’t go so great. Hopefully I can stick through it!

  2. Kelsie says:

    I love your blogs look these days! Way to go on whole 30- so awesome! We are going to Florida too this summer- can’t wait!

  3. Yay for date nights! Now that I have a daughter, we’ve also made date nights a “goal”- otherwise they get overlooked or postponed. Sounds like you have a fun May planned!

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