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Bellows in the Berkshires is a fresh, authentic look into growing a Christian, blended family in a small city setting.

This blog began in the summer of 2015 as a chronicle of our journey as a family. If you’re looking for an inside glance at what foster care, adoption, and having biological children is truly like, this is the place for you! If you feel alone in your journey in this crazy job called motherhood, please stick around. If you want support and solidarity within your mental health…you belong with us! Essentially, if you love people, love Jesus and want to love yourself? You’re my people!

In the beginning, this blog was established to create an open place where you can enjoy and experience our lives and leave feeling God’s love and our support in your parenting journeys-through mental illnesses, foster care, your marriage, and each and every day growing closer to Jesus.

So who are the members in this crazy blended group?

The main blogger, Lauren Jane, is a 25 year old lady(That’s me!). Born in raised in the Berkshires in my own blended family through foster care and adoption, I’ve spent the past 13 years passionate about helping children and families. I work within our church with the Young Adult ministry, am a stay at home mom, and in my spare time write slam poetry and take pictures of my kids. I’m a complete extrovert who loves to read and hopes to finish her degree in Christian Counseling.

I’m married to a lumberjack man named Josh. He’s a tall, strong, introverted guy. He is an outdoors man, through and through…except when he’s being a science fiction loving, D&D playing nerd.

Together we have 6 kids, who have all come to us through a variety of ways. First there’s Dynamite, our 21 year old who is now residing in his own apartment. We love and hate this; he’s a great kid who I would have preferred to keep around a longer time. Then there’s Doodle, a 14 year old mini Josh. She loves all things comic books, superhero, minecraft and more. Really-a mini Josh. Next is our little Princess, a eight year old who 100% lives up to her nickname. Purple, glitter, and unicorns are all her favorite things. After that there is my Monkey! Six years old and a dinosaur and car loving little man. Our spunky little Bug who is 3 and every kind of wild and crazy. We’re completed by our sweet, docile, and kind of huge Bear who is officially a year!

So welcome to this crazy, beautiful ride we call life and family! If you’re interested in following daily photos, we can be found at bellowsintheberkshires on Instagram. If you want to see some of the “behind the blog” happenings, follow me on snapchat at @renewinglj. You can also like our facebook page for those updates and easy to follow posts!

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