A Photo Every Hour!

Welcome back to the Bellows Bunker!

As promised, I did a photo every hour for a day after Bear came and after my husband went back to work fulltime. Today was actually quite quiet, relaxed and all around a good day! But without anymore waiting…here is our day in photos.  I took these photos with my DSLR, so some are not the best or most focused, since I’m still slowly teaching myself how!


7am: Wake up time for our littles.


8am: Playing while waiting to head out for school.


9am: Coffee. Need coffee,(This is my second cup….)


10am: Snack Time!


11am: Some movie time! We were watching The Minions.


12pm: Lunch! Enjoying some noodles and nice sun on our table.


1pm: Naptime. The brothers are cuddling.


2pm: It’s still technically naptime, so mama was doing some writing for the blog! I was working on a post about parenting a child with mental illnesses for National Children’sMental Health Awareness Week! I’m actually really excited to raise some awareness for this subject!


3pm: We walked over to meet the kids and got to play on the playground for awhile!

4pm: Bug and Bear take a diaper changing break while the older kids continue to play outside.


5pm: An angry Monkey because he was told he could not have ice cream before dinner.


6pm: After dinner cartoon watching!


7pm: Bathtime for the gross kiddos, after two days of playing outside for hours and hours.


8pm: Bear with his daddy so mama could take a shower.

The saddest part of this? I didn’t even do a 9pm photo because we were already in bed! (Note, I was NOT sleeping, but nursing.)


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