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 I’ve recently seen a few posts about what goes on in a normal day for certain moms and bloggers and I’ve thought they are so cool! Our days are rarely the same each one, with the exception of meal times and nap times, but I wanted to take part. I decided to go ahead and make a post with a picture an hour all day. We have super interesting lives, in case you were wondering. (That’s a lie…they’re pretty boring!)

Yesterday I took a photo each hour, or pretty close to it. Some photos ended up being ten or fifteen past…but hey I tried! So without further introduction, here is what a “typical” Thursday looks like in the Bellows Bunker, shown by a picture each hours.

(Also, I apologize, these are I-Phone pictures mainly, with the exception of one Android. Someday I’ll keep the DSLR out all day, but yesterday was not that day.)


8am:  Most days begin with breakfast, then about 8ish I go through and check out what my schedules look like for the week and what the plans are for the blogging that day.


9am: The chores of the day begin. It was mainly laundry this week, with a little bit of dishes and some sweeping.


10am: I’ve been nesting something fierce, and we put together Bear’s bed as well as cleaning out our entire room and the front porch. It’s been a productive week…I’m making up for the four days I did nothing.

  11am: The little guy I nanny for got here about 11am yesterday and he and Bug jumped right into playing. This is a soup, apparently. I love fake soup, they always give me chicken noodle since it’s my favorite. (Spoiler alert, it’s not!)


12pm: Almost always out lunch time! I finished the last of our leftovers from Koto Hibatchi. These were actually Doodle’s leftovers but….I’ll take them! The kids had leftover tacos.


1pm: Nap time has come around, so we are trying to get the Bug to calm down enough to fall asleep. This has slowly become a battle, more and more each day. He loves to be silly and have fun and in all honesty, could you say no to that face?


2pm: With both littles taking a nap,  I try to catch up on blogging things, check out my favorites, and get a few minutes of solitude and adult things on the television. Today it was  National Lampoons Las Vegas Vacation! Thanks for making me love that Mom.


3pm: The entire gang arrives home and we are slowly bombarded by after school forms, homework and insanity. Monkey wanted that phone to play with…it had gone up because it is one of those very loud toys…


4pm: I made a blogging jump a few days ago and bought a selfie stick. We were playing around with it. If you look closely, you can see Bug trying to scramble his way in.


5pm: Hanging out on the kitchen floor while Daddy makes dinner. This was going to be a super cute photo of us and Bug, but some little bug went running away far too quickly. Also, ignore my sons non matching socks….


6pm: She may kill me for this one. We had pulled pork sandwiches so Cat and our little man stayed for dinner. A very annoyed Cat was eating her seventh or eighth pickle in this. Right after she finished this plate, she went on to pull up episodes of My Strange Addiction and make me want to vomit,..thanks kid.


7pm: Some snuggles with my princess before she had to go to bed. (They head up between 7:30 and 8!)


8pm: The “adults” of the house, watching The Mummy. Doodle swears shes comfortable like that, y’all. We do own chairs and pillows but she chooses to lay like that…..I don’t get it either. Oh, and Josh never takes his shoes off. EVER.


9pm: And right before bed? Antacids for the extremely lady. We don’t go to bed at 9pm, but we do usually head in right before 10. Last night was no exception, so this is the last photo of the night.

While I’m a little sad some of these are blurry or grainy, it’s a pretty real depiction of our days right now. It’s 8:30 as I post this and I’m heading into our kitchen to finish off the dishes from last night. If you want to see more photos of our day to day life, you can follow us at Bellows in the Berkshires on Instagram! 

We will be redoing these a few weeks after birth, once Josh is back to work full time and I am making it through the day with a newborn. I can’t wait to see how this changes(or stays the same!)


5 thoughts on “A Photo an Hour!

  1. What a wonderful idea for a post. I really enjoyed reading this and getting a glimpse of “a day in the life.” I agree with Angela, the naptime pic is so sweet!

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