A family update!

All kinds of things have been happening around here and I figured you may want a few updates on the house. As the holiday season winds down, the new year begins and it has brought forth a whole lot of fun times and busy schedules. For more consistent looks into our home, feel free to like Bellows in the Berkshires over on Instagram or follow me on snapchat: renewinglj. (Snapchat is amazing if you want behind the scenes looks!)

-Vacation ended and the kids went back to school-in their brand new school building! It’s beautiful. The kids love it and we’ve been able to walk to school almost everyday this week. Monkey is having a hard time adjusting to this change, as expected though. We’ll keep fighting for the normalcy to hit again.
-There’s been a lot of planning within our church and the Young Adults ministry for the upcoming year and I am excited. So excited! Stay tuned for some updates with fun times, fellowship meals, and bible studies.
-I’ve been reading a lot and am already done with three books for the 52 books in 2016 challenge! It’s been great so far. I’ve also been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to Princess. She has loved it; I pray I can raise at least one Potterhead.
-Speaking of Princess, she had her hair chopped off and she has never looked cuter! I love it, she loves it, less work on all parts…we all win here.
-Bear is still growing and healthy! It’s been a rough few weeks; my morning sickness came back for the third trimester, my ribs are being kicked, and sleep does not come easily. But he’s the size of a summer cantaloupe-no wonder why he’s killing my hips and ribs! I’m having a bit of a hard time with the fact Bug is no longer the baby in about ten weeks.

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I hope the end of your holidays and the beginning of 2016 have been starting as great as ours! Thank you for continuing to come and check out Bellows in the Berkshires!


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