7 Reflections for Good Friday(&An Easter “basket” Idea for the Whole Family!

It is Friday-Good Friday. Today we solemnly sit back as we acknowledge the cross Jesus died on for you and I. We are acutely aware the torture He endured. Whips on his back, laced with stone. Nailed to a cross He was forced to carry there. Hung beside criminals, taking the spear in His side and wearing that crown of thorns that we bestowed upon Him.

That I put there.

As a Christian, Good Friday is a reminder of the pain my Savior accepted humbly to save me. Jesus could have stopped that crucifixion. He had armies of angels at His command. Yet, there He sat, the King of all Creation, Son of God…willfully taking the weight of the sins of all man kind onto His shoulders.

My sins.

Today of all days, I’m able to truly take a step back and recognize that the nails that held Jesus to the cross were not what kept Him there. What kept Him there was my sins, that He loved me so dearly He was willing to die to save me from them. Sins I did before I became a Christian. Ones that I continue to do today.

Good Friday for me is wondrous time to take a step back and give true thanks for what Jesus did for us. He allowed-yes ALLOWED- this to happen out of pure love. This is the person I aim to become more like every day. The Great Councilor is who I want to fill myself up with as I empty myself of this world. This is the King of Kings. Yet there He hangs carrying the weight of my cross.

It’s also an amazing reminder that I am still living in sin every day. I don’t share this as a huge revelation: I am a sinner. Yet, while I was still a sinner…while we were all sinners, Jesus died for us. The strength behind those words causes me to sit down and pray. It forces me to reconsider how I am living my life now. Here and now. In this day and every day.

I try to take part of Good Friday to reflect on these questions and realign my vision and dreams with what Jesus died for. Yes-He saved us. Good works will never be worth more than the blood and body of Christ. But because He willingly bore the worst parts of this world to save us. The least I can do is live a life that is mostly pleasing to Him.

I reflect on:

And Sunday is coming! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. We don’t do the bunny so that takes a lot of pressure off of the day for us. This year however we wanted to do something for the kids to truly celebrate the day. I put together an Nature Journal Station!

The idea of a nature journal actually came to me while pursuing Instagram the other day. Heather, a woman I follow AND LOVE on Instagram, shared a post just mentioning the idea of nature journaling. I LOVED even the phrase “nature journaling”. We are hiking, fishing, camping, picture taking, dirt loving people. My kids spend most the summer days outside and I have no qualms with this.

Bringing our love of nature to our love of art sounded like an amazing concept!

I was just going to start putting together a little box to keep this all in, but I decided, why not give it to the kids on Easter? It would give them something to tell their friends they got. We would be celebrating the greatest gift of new life and it’s the beginning of spring this year.

Plus-this earth is a wondrous gift from God as well!

The box simply has some water colors, crayons, colored pencils and various other items. I ran out and grabbed them each a sweet little “artists journal” as well. Doodle and my husband-because we are all getting them!- each got nice art journals. They are truly the artists in the family!

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and this finds you in a place reconciling yourself with Christ! Thank God for Good Friday-and Happy Easter!

7 thoughts on “7 Reflections for Good Friday(&An Easter “basket” Idea for the Whole Family!

  1. Kim Jones says:

    Lauren, this was amazing! Thank you so much for the reminder of the Savior that we have in Jesus, and for keeping that the focus for this wonderful weekend! And thank you for the challenge to make sure we are living God-glorifying lives and doing so by His strength and not our own!

    We don’t do the Easter bunny in our house, either! 🙂 I love the nature journal idea! That is such a fun idea!

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Kim! I really wanted to take a step back and truly reevaluate the here and now and realign myself with Jesus. It’s important everyday, but on that day He gave it all for me…it’s extra powerful💙

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      I love when people come out for holidays. Even if they aren’t going out every Sunday with us it’s a chance to share Jesus with them. 🙂

  2. I love your reflection on Easter and found myself thinking similar things 🙂 and the nature journal is a great idea! We love hiking so this would be great for us.

  3. I love how you put the list of thoughts and questions together. I wish I would have read this before Easter!!
    I love the nature journal idea too!! We have a spring time scavenger hunt that we like to do when we go on walks and the nature journal would be the perfect addition to that.

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