5 for Friday: November

Happy Friday everyone! A heartfelt thank you to all the veterans out there who have served and are still serving to protect our country.

Are you ready for some updates from the Bellows household? This is a photo heavy recap of our last few weeks!

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1. Halloween came and went and oh man did we have a wonderful time! 

This year was probably my last getting a family costume out of Doodle and I am not happy about that…but it’s life. We went as the 100 Acre Woods crew and my kids were pretty DARN cute. I made the costumes, except Doodles and the hats that Bear and Bug wore. We went to Memas like usual and had taco dinner together then walked around as a family. Even Dynamite came over for some of it!


2. We had a wonderful adult party! 

Our friends Jen and Scott host an annual Halloween party for adults and this year we got to attend it. Oh my gosh, was it fun! We made an apple pie sangria and it was a huge hit. Mama had a few drinks, laughed a lot, and got to dress up as a bear. I’m so thankful for the friendship I’ve found in these wonderful humans. In a world where it’s so easy to feel isolated or alone, I’ve found an amazing fellowship and family in these people.

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3. Doodle went to Homecoming! 

This was a few weeks ago at this point, but you didn’t see her beautiful face in my last update! About 7 days before the dance came around, she decided she wanted to go. I messaged my sisters in hopes they would have a dress she could wear, I panicked a little bit about finding shoes and I was sure I would screw it up. Planning homecoming is a little rough on someone when there’s only a week to do it and your kiddo doesn’t have many strong opinions on it! But we managed and we got some cute photos of her on her way to the dance. And my 16 year old sister went as well….and she looked flawless too!


4. As we approach our first anniversary for our adoption day and we’ve had a lot of feelings surrounding it. 

I’ve been talking a lot about adoption on the blog and I will continue to talk about it as National Adoption Month continues and we get closer and pass our anniversary. My heart is always heavy this time of the year, between acknowledging what my children are currently losing, how many kids are waiting for forever homes and how many children and families are still in upheaval and questioning their future. I ask you continue to pray for those in the adoption process, considering it, and the judges and jurors who are involved as well.

Christmas, since becoming a parent, has jumped to my favorite holiday. I have no shame in admitting it’s been sounds of the holiday season non stop in our house since November 1st. I’ve been feeling the blues lately, be it from postpartum, post election or post summer blues but it’s been hard. So Christmas has me feeling all the excitement, joy, and anticipation! I shared a list of gifts that give this week and next week I’ll be sharing one that’s a one top shop for local people. It’s officially the season on this blog. Sorry not sorry.

What have you been up to this past month?


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