26 Birthday Facts-And a Reader Survey!

Hey friends! Tomorrow is my birthday…I have hit the ripe old age of 26! Can you believe it? I can’t. I’m sure my parents can’t either. If we weren’t married, this would be the fateful year I was kicked off their insurance.

I thought it could be a fun little birthday post to share 26 things about myself. While I’m pretty open on the blog, I wanted to share some fun facts you may not know about me!

  1. I hate cotton balls. It’s pretty close to a fear…okay it is a fear. They are horrifying.
  2. I was a vegetarian for many years. When I first met Joshua, I was still eating a mostly vegetarian diet. I was even vegan for a few weeks. I’ll NEVER go back.
  3. People always laugh at youngest’s name and tell me it’s because I’m a hippie…I didn’t choose it! Bear was actually Josh’s number one choice and he suggested it. I just fell in love after.
  4. I love shaving. Hair on any part of my body other than my head makes me uncomfortable. It’s a miracle I’ve never lost it and shaved my arms.
  5. Pet rats are my jam. I’ve had them since like 5th grade and can’t wait to get some again!
  6. Bad ScyFy movies are also my jam. The faker looking the better!

  7. I have three tattoos. There’s the bird on my foot, a recovery symbol on my ribs, and “as good as” written on my forearm. The second I have the cash and time to get more, I totally am!
  8. We never wear our wedding rings. I lost mine, Josh’s is under a sink in the house we used to live in. Sometimes I’ll put on my engagement ring, but it’s very delicate, so not often!
  9. Hiking has become my favorite thing ever! I cannot wait to start backpacking this summer.
  10. Up until my most recent therapist, I really hated therapy. I was always a huge advocate for others to go but I had some terrible experiences and it took a lot for me to go back.
  11. My least favorite color is orange.
  12. We go to my two favorite restaurants usually once a month: The Hub and Korean Garden. If you’re ever in NAMA-GO.
  13. Blue is my favorite color.

  14. Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love the changing of the leaves against the mountains. The cool nights but warm days. It’s my absolute favorite.
  15. I constantly consider home schooling my kids. In so many ways I want to. I would love to go about by unschooling them, but I’m so worried to. And the older kids love school.
  16. I hate olives. If there are olives anywhere near my food I will not eat it.
  17. I wasn’t actually raised going to church every Sunday. Neither was my husband-people tend to be REALLY shocked when we tell them this.
  18. Wine goes with every fancy dinner in my book. I enjoy wine.
  19. Last week I went out and got a pedicure. Not a huge deal right? It’s the first pedicure I have ever had!
  20. I told my great grandmother many moons ago that I would name my first born daughter after her. We have two daughters, but I didn’t name them so this still holds true. Josh has agreed…we just need a girl!
  21. I had a blog with a huge following once…I’m talking tens of thousands of people. I deleted it though, because the topic no longer fell into my lifestyle.
  22. I don’t actually like to take baths! Crazy right?

  23. My password for things has been the same thing since I was 12 years old. I highly doubt most people would be able to ever guess it…so I never changed!
  24. Most people are aware I love learning about mental health, but I also really enjoy other kinds of health as well!
  25. I used to be far less adventurous than I am now, especially with food. I’m pretty sure for years all I ate at restaurants were fries and chicken tenders.
  26. If there’s ever an emergency, I’m your girl! I have such bad anxiety on a regular day but when there’s a crisis? I am in total control. Bleeding child? Seizing adult? Lost? You want me on your side.

Well, that was a little harder than I thought it would be! I hope you found something you could identify with. And now for your part of my birthday post: a reader survey!

Last September I did a survey on Bellows in the Berkshires about what you, the readers, enjoyed or didn’t enjoy. A lot of my planning for this year was based off those answers. I just want to re-check in and see what you are loving, hating, want more or less of.

The survey is right here and shouldn’t take more than a few moments. Please take it, especially if you’re a regular reader! Thank you all!

4 thoughts on “26 Birthday Facts-And a Reader Survey!

  1. Awesome list!! Have you watched Defiance?
    What will your next tattoo look like?
    What will your daughter be named?
    Now that you created this list, I have so many more questions about you! 🙂
    Also, after reading your post about Easter and the nature journal, I was going to ask if you were going to homeschool, now I know. 🙂

  2. I loved learning a little more about you! I also love bad sci-fi movies. Fun story – are you familiar with the old movie the Blob? The scene where they were all running out of the movie theater away from the blob was actually filmed in my town, and every summer they throw Blobfest to celebrate 😉

  3. Happy birthday (almost)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it’s an awesome one!!!! I totally thought Bear was a “I don’t say my kid’s real names on social media” nickname. lol

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      Nope! A lot of people think that-we started nicknames because foster care but I’m not super secretive about their names, it just stuck to call them nicknames lol

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