Happy October! One of the best months ever…in the best season ever! The leaves change, the chill comes. My three favorite holidays exist! October is one of the best months in a year, in my humble opinion.

As I try to jump back into blogging, as I have been doing for the past few weeks, I decided it may be time to share some monthly goals again! Sharing these has held me accountable before and I hope in writing out my goals for October, I will be better equipped to actually succeed in my goals.


Share four blog posts!

I’m starting off small as we move back into blogging. Writing has not come back to me as easily as it had before and I find myself writing more personal things when I DO write. A post a week is much larger than where I’ve been at, but I believe I can make it happen! If nothing else, I have at least one that should come easily-a pregnancy update. Writing is a passion of mine though, and I need to start making more time for it.

Post on Instagram daily

Guys, Instagram has always been one of my all time favorite social medias. Mostly because, honestly, I’ve never approached it as a super intense blogging platform. I’ve always just used it more for fun and it’s grown as a blog tool on the side. For some reason though, this past month I have not loved it. I don’t think it’s the comparison game, as I honestly don’t care about how “good” it looks as long as my heart is being shared. But I NEED to start sharing more again!


Go to the Pumpkin Patch!

One of the BEST parts of autumn in my opinion is the trip to the pumpkin patch. Because of Josh’s work schedule, we are looking at some pretty hard planning on our part to make this a full out family trip. I think it’s 100% worth it to make it happen though. I love this trip and can’t wait.

Figure out the Halloween costumes

I love Halloween, but I have a problem. My kids are older and therefore have opinions on things. BAD OPINIONS. Okay, okay, not bad opinions, but opinions that do not fit into what my hope is. Halloween is a prime example. I want an adorable family costume, with all of us to a theme. Doodle, Princess, and Monkey have pretty much destroyed that hope. With Josh being kind of the worst partner when it comes to family fun things…I give up. That being said, I still need to try and have Halloween costumes ready before the 30th this year! Wish me luck because Monkey has changed what he wants to be at least five times already.


Climb Mount Greylock!

On October 9th, the 50th Annual Ramble will be happening. On that Monday the area residents and people from all over, come around and climb up to the highest peak of Massachusetts! If you’ve been around the past year, you saw our trip up. This year we are going at it again. We are still unsure of which family members will be hiking, but we’re aiming for Princess, Doodle, Josh and myself! And yes—I’m doing this 22 weeks pregnant! It’s a huge undertaking for me but I need to do this to prove I can!

Begin walking daily again

I let my daily exercise come to an end because of the heat and pregnancy. Now it’s finally cooling down and I can walk more than five minutes without feeling like I’m going to pass out! With that change, I desperately need to begin exercising daily again. I would love to remain under 200lbs this pregnancy and be healthier at the end than the other two. I worked super hard to get where I am right now and I don’t want to just let that go because there’s a kiddo growing in me.


Start a Bible Study!

In the summer, I was not able to go to bible study because none of them happened at a time that I could consistently get child care. Now that the school year has begun, Awana has come back on Wednesdays. We’re so blessed that my church also offers bible studies and nursery on Awana nights. Now I just need to get there and stay involved. It’s so much easier to drop the littles off and come home and relax.

Do a personal bible study.

I have been doing really good getting bible verses throughout the day through GoTandem(I’m not being paid to say this, my church just suggested it!). However I would love to begin doing a daily bible study on my own. I find that as a mom of six, RightNow Media and watching videos through it have been the easiest way to get it in. I love to watch a video while I’m doing dishes or folding laundry. I just need to get back into the habit of putting that on instead of trash television or Discovery Channel!

So there we have it! Our eight goals for the month of October. I’ll check back in the first week of November to let you all know how we did.

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