23 Habits of a Perpetually Exhausted Mother.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have found myself in a pretty constant state of exhaustion. It’s a good exhaustion, don’t get me wrong, I love every moment of my day running after children who I adore more than any other worldly thing. But being a mom is tiring and I find myself doing the same thing, day in and day out, without ever stopping and considering how crazy it is to repeat these on the regular. For me, being a mom means:

1. Holding a baby high in the air and sniffing his behind, then saying “Thank you sweet Jesus it’s just pee.”
2. Ripping a pancake apart because honestly, finding a knife the cutting it just seemed like too much work.

3. “Wait is it only 8am? HOW IS IT ONLY 8 AM?”

4. Putting the cellphone down, realize it’s lost, find it. Rinse and repeat about twenty more times in the day.
5. Getting all the children dressed. Or at least make sure they changed their underwear and socks from the day before. You wore that shirt two days ago? Oh, okay. It’s not coated in dirt right?

6. Make breakfast. Set breakfast on the table.

7. Start to do the dishes left over from the night before and then remember breakfast is still on the table.
8. Try and eat breakfast without taking a break from the coffee you’re downing at lightning speed.
9. Ask the four year old where his socks went about six times before you realize you are still holding his socks in your hands.
10. Scroll down Instagram and see someone out on a morning run. Remember the good old days? When you could go out for morning runs, enjoying the sunrise? No? Me neither.
11. Bring the kids to school and realize I didn’t change from the day before. Thank goodness we gave up on pajamas months ago.

12. Come home and start to nurse the baby. As he dozes off, doze with him.

13. Force yourself up to clean up the house, only to recognize you are far too tired to finish you twenty page to do list and settle for the basics; laundry, dishes, nothing smells bad? All good.
14. Lay back down to try and actually nap, only to have the baby awaken in full running form.
15. Call each child by the wrong name about fifteen times. Feel free to throw in cousin, sibling, former students names as well.

16. Sit down to eat lunch, while wondering, did I actually eat breakfast?

17. Arrive at school an hour early because they changed the half day again and you honestly can’t remember if you got a note about it or not.
18. See you have not started any food for dinner and begin to look up recipes on Pinterest. Get really excited about being able to make something new and spectacular.

19. See you have no meat pressurizer or grinding machine like Paula Dean, so you’re just going to make baked chicken again and tell the child to suck it up.
20. Field enough questions of “Can we watch a movie” to cave and let them have an episode of The Magic School Bus while showers happen.
21. Consider taking a shower then realize you had one last night, it’s all good.
22. Settle into bed as soon as the kids are all in, about 9ish. Then realize you’re not tired anymore, despite being perpetually exhausted throughout the day, because this is the only time you can have downstairs with no kids.

23. Rinse and repeat.

The best part is tomorrow will be the same thing all over again! (Though, I promise, I take showers sometimes!) 

Parents out there, what do you find yourself doing every single day, despite all logic? 

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