20 Week Pregnancy Update-Lucky Bellows

Hey sweet friends! Today is my 20 week bumpdate with baby Lucky!

To get the most important thing out of the way- yes! We had the anatomy scan and baby lucky is a beautiful, bouncing baby boy! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen the announcement and the middle kiddos reactions. Needless to say, my kids are hilarious.

Just a few disclaimers with the anatomy scan!

  1. We are completely overjoyed either way. This baby being a boy has not changed my mind about possibly calling it quits on biological babes, though as my friends in real life can confirm, about a week ago I started really questioning being done either way, so we will see what happens.
  2. The scan was absolutely perfect! Baby is measuring just right, there’s no signs of any kind of complications. My placenta is anterior which may make movement on the outside hard to feel for awhile…but it’s all good!
  3. We have not announced a name and that’s not because we’re being secretive or coy-we literally have no idea what to use for a name. It’s a problem! We come to an agreement for a day and then one of us (read me) decides something is wrong with the name and I back out. For the first time ever, we may get to the hospital without a name decided upon. I’m trying to be okay with that!


Second trimester is still being decidedly kinder to me than the first, though I won’t lie-the physical symptoms I’ve had this time are still not that much fun! Despite unhealthy cravings, too much grease makes me sick. My face is still breaking out and it’s pretty painful.

No new stretchmarks have made their presence known. My hair is growing like crazy and despite still being 2lbs under my first weigh-in at the midwives, I feel like my body is holding onto every ounce of water. Overall though, I’m feeling okay.


Life has thrown a lot our way the past few weeks, but we’ve got this. Josh, being amazing because hes amazing, has really helped hold it all together. The only real thing I’m struggling with at the moment is pretty normal and average things. Which are never fun, but not notable for metal health changes!

I’m also feeling so excited for this baby to grow and come. All our kids were very much wanted and planned, but as Bear is becoming more and more independent and James is even sleeping in his own bed some nights, another baby sounds pretty great! It’s hard to believe I used to be the lady who offered to skip any and all infants. But MY infants are different and so much easier for me. (I think it’s in the “just pop the boob in” approach I take ha!)


Older Kids&Daddy:

Well, we told Princess it’s a baby boy and her exact words were, “Why?” But in all seriousness, the boys are very excited to have another little brother and the girls are dealing well. Daddy is excited for the potential of naming another boy. He insists he knew all along this was a boy.

We’ve been talking lot about where babies come from, how they develop, and all that jazz. I’m waiting for the day Bug says uterus to some stranger.


Lucky is now the size of an axolotl, which the kids are going to be super excited about since they learned about them at VBS to summers ago! He’s about halfway done growing. And there are only 4 weeks left until viability! That’s my second favorite day in pregnancy-while I know things can happen and I need faith in God through it all, I always breathe a little easier after we hit that point.

I am trying so hard to get back to writing regularly! Writing is something I love, and I miss doing. However it can be so hard with all these kiddos and life or house obligations. I will be back!

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