18 Week Pregnancy Update: LuckyBellows!

Hey friends! It’s probably about time I give a pregnancy update, huh? Since I’m two weeks away from hitting the halfway point and we’ll know the sex soon. Maybe time? Of course!


Thus far, second trimester has been much kinder to me than the first. My nausea has subsided, the exhaustion is gone. I’ve actually lost some weight which I am not complaining about! I have also found that I am starting to be able to eat regularly again. Which for me means more veggies and fruits. I’m quite pleased to see no new stretchmarks-Bear’s pregnancy they flared out, bright red, starting at 14 weeks!


I won’t lie-I’ve been better mentally. Hormones tend to make my OCD and anxiety out of control. Thankfully the anxiety has not been quite as bad as intrusive thoughts with OCD. For the time being we’re simply watching what I eat, making sure no caffeine is involved, and leaning into Christ.

If the time comes where we need to explore therapy or medication, we will, but for now it’s mostly just annoying. I get frustrated as my moods slide all over the place because for the most part it’s not an intellectual feeling. It just simply is. C’est la vie. Hopefully hormones will even out as we move along further and further…and enter my FAVORITE time of the year!

Big Kids&Daddy:

Well Bug loves to talk to my belly and Bear blows raspberries on it constantly…so they seem okay with this change? Monkey enjoys saying hi. Princess and Doodle are still rooting for a little girl and let’s be real here-so am I!

Daddy is still not 100% on board with this being our last bio babe. He seems to think he’ll be able to convince me otherwise as time goes on. I seem to think there’s a slim chance of that but hey. Who knows? However many little toes we are blessed with and however they come to us, we will love and cherish them.


Lucky is the size of a sugar glider right now. I can feel the babe kicking away though my placenta is anterior again so we have to wait awhile before anyone on the outside can catch one. Apparently babe’s hair is growing in and their ears are developing. Maybe this means I should slow the hard rap in the car? Currently we are looking at a babe coming between February 1st and 14th. We will not be announcing the exact date except to the people who are helping care for our children.

All in all, baby and family are doing great! In our next update we should be able to announce the sex!

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