#momsurTHRIVEal Kits and Hashtag

Hey y’all!

Can you believe it’s September already?! I can. This summer was packed with fun times and lots of adventures. I plan on sharing a recap of our summer goals tomorrow, but for now I want to talk a little more about new beginnings.

This past Saturday I attended two baby showers-yes two in one day! While I’m not big on deviating from a baby shower registry, I wanted to do something for these two soon-to-be mamas that would be special and just for them. I have become a new mom and I know how easy it is to lose yourself in those moments. I decided to make these mamas #momsurTHRIVEal kits.

Flora & Fauna

Often we hear about moms surviving these first few months of parenthood and I get it-I truly do. I remember the hardest months after James, when I just felt like I was going through the motions every day. I really don’t want people to approach parenting like that; I don’t want to see mothers go through those first months feeling like their only goal is to survive. I want to encourage moms to thrive through it and I want to see them do that! So I’m introducing my new hashtag #momsurTHRIVEal. Use this to celebrate how amazing and great you are thriving as a parent on Instagram and Twitter! I want to build a community where we are in awe of each other’s parenting successes and wins.

And in case you want to create your own Mom SurTHRIVEal kit, I do have some tips to build your own basket. I don’t want to tell you exactly what to buy or get, because each mom needs something different to thrive and will thrive in their own way, but here are some ideas to create a basket with.


Put what she loves in it! For one of my friends, she loves all things Disney and Marvel, so I tried to incorporate that into her basket. If you don’t know them too closely, you can totally go with a more generic grouping of things. Social media is great though-you can always look them up on Facebook and see if they like anything specific on there!

Add in things you would have wanted(or imagine you would want) as a mom. I was always cold during long nursing nights. My feet got especially cold. So I totally got the moms around me nice new socks for their cold days! They’re both due later in the year than I was, so they may need it more than me.

You can’t go wrong with candy, snacks, and water bottles! Especially if they are nursing. You are always hungry and quick food is the most important part of getting through the days. Water bottles are a great investment as well. I prefer ones with straws because they make it so much easier for drinking.

Add your own loving touch. I gave each person a to do pad. The pads were not empty though. Why did I add to a new mom’s to do list? Because I wanted them to have things on their to do list that was just for them. On the pages I wrote something simple like “Take ten minutes to yourself” and “Instead of things to do, write things you love about yourself.” I included Bible verses for these two since they are both religious and God was a big part to me thriving in motherhood.

So mamas, let me see all your #momsurTHRIVEal moments! Share them with me on social media. And remember, you’re great moms out there!


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  1. I love you and I loved my present. I’m so looking forward to making use of it all and will be remembering this idea for future baby showers I attend. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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