11 Gifts that Give Back

(I recieved some of these products for free to share with my followers. I would never share a product that I didn’t have an actual love for!)

The holidays are here and I don’t know about you but I am feeling the Christmas joy! Some of you may be trying to wait until Thanksgiving comes and goes for your holiday shopping to begin, but with six children and 10 siblings to buy for, we always start our holiday shopping for gifts early.

Much to the chagrin of my mother, we do a very simple Christmas when it comes to material gifts. I love gifts that include time, thought, and helping my children understand the real point of this glorious holiday-to live and give in Jesus’ name.

As we approached this holiday season, I found my heart really pulling me to try and highlight small, local businesses and businesses that give back to those in need. We use Christmas as a time to really nail in the reminder of what we teach our children year round-give, give, give until you cannot give anymore. The best way to show our children that is through our actions!

The best gifts are the gifts that give back!

I put together a list here for you of businesses that give back to various charities or that exist only to give back to or world. It includes a few different kinds of gifts, organizations, and can work for someone on your list! While you’re buying gifts for those you love anyway, why not give?


Collectively Caitlin

Are you am inspiring small business owner? Or do you know a someone who is an entrepreneur? Caitlin is an awesome business assistant who is currently giving 20% of any one-on-one packages booked in November and December to Reece’s Rainbow and Show Hope I asked Caitlin why she chose these specific charities and she shared with me that her parents used Show Hope for their adoption and someday there’s a possibility of adopting a child with special needs in their future, so she chose Reece’s Rainbow, which helps children with Down’s Syndrome be placed with their forever families. A beautiful woman after my own heart!


Self care is a huge thing right?! This company allows you to order a bunch of self care things, including an awesome “giving box” and two dollars of every order goes towards providing a box of self care materials for a recent survivor of sexual abuse or assault. YES PLEASE.

The Life Inbetween

I’ve been following Tawni for awhile on Instagram and she recently reopened her print store! This print store helps her and her family to live as missionaries in Vienna…and they’re super cute! Know someone who loves inspiration or crafting? This is a great place to get some of those things

Faucet Face

Guys I found this site while browsing around and I am in LOVE with what they do. My pastor visited India at one point and since then has been huge on educating us on the clean water crisis. This program gives back 2.5% of their profits from their adorable glass water bottles to help provide water and even more importantly filters to create clean water! I also love that they focus on some of the health benefits of glass water bottles!

Damn Handsome Grooming

The entire website Damn Handsome Grooming is on (Society B) is about giving back and doing good. This one stood out to me however, because in my searches I found a lot more options for female/children’s gifts than ones for men. Behold-Damn Handsome Grooming! Of course this beard loving wife found one that has products for her bearded man. This company gives back a bar of soap a child in need of hygienic help for ever purchase made. Joshua may or may not be getting something from this shop for Christmas!

Hands Producing Hope

Hands Producing Hope was suggested to me by a fellow blogger and man am I glad she did! The products are handmade, with local resources, and help to train those in poverty ridden areas a trade. The jewelry made is gorgeous. They also have a super cute handmade veggie set…just a suggestion if you’re looking for my kids!

Life is Good

Did you know the Life is Good company is actually really good?! I just learned recently that they have a program called Playmakers Initiative Kids Foundation, a program that helps train adults that work with our most vulnerable youth-ones who are healing from the impact of childhood trauma. If you know anything about me and this blog, you know how intensely our life is touched by the lasting impact of childhood trauma every day. This is such an amazing foundation! Plus, who doesn’t love a little positivity? I love my “Life is Good” shirt!

Support in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom

Are you a mom or a to be mom? Does someone you love look forward to breastfeeding in the near future? A blogging friend of mine, Maranda, has written a book Support in Breastfeeding: Stories of Nourishing Wisdom, a book about breastfeeding and supporting others through it! She’s got stories, support, and love for all breastfeeding stories in this book—even adoption breastfeeding! The sales of this book are giving a portion to Owens Milk Money, an organization created to help mothers receive nursing products, in honor of their sweet boy Owen, who loved breastfeeding and they sadly lost as an infant. I’m not sure if I made the stories cut, but I totally submitted a story!

Ames and Oats

This website gives 10% of their sales to Pencils of Progress. Pencils of Progress helps to build schools and educate teachers in impoverished areas. This site has some amazing gifts that can be found by category, price range, and occasion! This is another great place to check out for the men in your life-they have an adorable “Drink Local” Pint glass!

cuddle + kind

cuddle + kind is a family run business that makes ethically produced hand knit dolls. For every doll they sell, they give ten meals to a child in need. The dolls are adorable and my amazing friend Laina can attest for the wonderful quality of these!

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J.C. Pets!

This company right here is actually what inspired me to do this list! One day while browsing on Instagram, I checked out J.C. Pets and was in love with their message right away. They’re a Christian run, American based, ethically created company that makes these adorable little angel plushes. I fell in love right away because they had a Lily lamb and a little secret? Lily is The Princess’ real name! They actually ended up contacting me and I was blessed enough to get sent their four little angels!

A portion of their income goes to Children’s Villages USA, which works with displaced and vulnerable children. They also have their “Share His Love” program, where you can buy these angels and send them to children who are in vulnerable positions, both in hospitals and children’s homes. J.C. Pets works with all kinds of programs that help foster and adoptive children and as you know-that’s my softest place in my heart! Within the “Share His Love” program, you are able to write notes of encouragement and love-something that could change the lives of a child in need.

Plus? These lions and lambs are absolutely adorable! As I said, we got four of them and Bear has stolen two as his own! Princess is in love with her lamb and if you follow my Instagram at all, you know Monkey has renamed his Liam after himself…he wasn’t sure why Princess had one that shared her name with her and he didn’t! They’re durable, soft, (if you follow my Snapchat, you witnessed my total surprise and love for the lions mane!) and with a great mission like Axel and Joseph are doing? Sign me up for more!

Do you guys know of any companies that give back when you buy from them?!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I always try to purchase my nieces and nephew interesting and meaningful gifts. Though I often resort to Amazon in a time crunch. I’m going to spend sometime sifting through your list!

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      We’re hoping on really giving meaningful and small businesses this year! But we are Amazon lovers, so much so we rarely buy things at any REAL store.

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