Madi’s Graduation letter.

Oh my Madison.


You need to stop. You’re my second sister graduating and I am not okay with this.

You are a special one, my beautiful sister. Your intelligence far outshines my own. I remember being in high school and you asking me to proofread a science fair project for you. You handed me the computer, me joking about how you would someday have to write your papers…and then I began to read it. Or at least I tried to. My feeble attempts to read through your paper were thwarted by the complicated scientific things you were doing.

You’ve always been so very smart. You breezed through assignments I had no idea what to do with, you aced tests while half asleep. You will so amazing things with that crazy brain of yours.

You’re the wild sister too.

Fearless and brave.


Remember when you climbed over the fence in our backyard? You chose the taller fence of course, because you could, and you fell. Your arm was broken! (And it was not my fault, just for the record.)

You are one brave lady. From conquering the sky to conquering your grades, sports and extracurricular activities…you have been an amazing girl to watch grow. I enjoy seeing your constantly succeed in life, taking every bull that comes at you by the horns.

Watching you grow up was a little strange for me. You were far enough in age that we weren’t friends but close enough that I wasn’t able to take charge like with the younger two. Plus, we were complete opposites. You always have been braver, wilder, more intense. I could never keep up with your climbing the hills or fences. And you never seemed to have an interest in sitting in the backyard with me playing dolls.


That changed a little when I started giving you neices and nephews to spoil. I cannot wait see you be a mother, Madi Jean. You are going to be such a great one. I watch how you effortlessly pick up Bear or play with Monkey. Even your stern voice is already taking control when the kids misbehave. You can totally wait a few years, finish school first! But when you do find that person who you will spend forever with, you are going to make amazing babies that will be so lucky to have you as a mama.

Madison Jean, I am so happy that you are graduating this year. I am so honored to have seen you become this amazing young woman.

You are going to go far. You are going to do amazing things Madison Jean. You will soar to great heights.

IMG_8052 (2)

I have more faith in you than in almost anyone else out there. You are smarter than most I know, your are braver, and you are stronger. I know what you are capable of. I can’t wait to see you do all those things.


2 thoughts on “Madi’s Graduation letter.

  1. Lisa stant says:

    That was so nice about Madison I’ve known Madison since she went to Sullivan school now to see her get her dilploma will be very touching for me this class of 2016 is very special to me

  2. Such a wonderful letter to your sister on her graduation. She sounds like a very smart lady, and she’s going to do some great things. It sounds like you two have a very special relationship too.

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