Redoing Our Walkway

I am a homemaker. I love that part of my job description, possibly more than any other part of being a stay at home mom. This summer I’m really concentrating on making my home a more hospitable place, welcoming from the front door people will walk in all the way to the bathrooms they’ll use! Right now, it’s a lot of cleaning plans and little cosmetic things; we were very lucky to move into a home that didn’t need any serious fixing up.

Making OverOur Front Walkway

My first focus area to make home a little homier was indeed our front walk way. I wanted something that said “Hi, we are the friendly and fun Bellows here!”

So I created our front walk way planters!


This was an easy, do it yourself fun, that took two things we were just going to throw out and revamped them into pots, which now house our annuals and our herb garden(something else I desperately wanted for our house!).

It was pretty simple. We had the Volkswagon car left over from my sisters days and a beer tin my father claims was his and we ended up with it somehow. The insides had been chewed apart in the car somehow, so even if we found a battery that would fit, it would never drive again. Add into that it had some pretty strong automatic brakes that made it impossible to push around and we were just going to send it on out to the dump. The tin had a huge “Coors Light” symbol on the side and didn’t really go with my house feel.

Instead, I created this planter for our annual flowers and the house identifier with some herbs growing in it.

Cars like this one are sometimes sold pretty cheaply at tag sales, especially if they are no longer running. You would want to look for one that has a deep inside for the dirt. If you find one, here’s how I took ours from a faded yellow mess to a pretty ivory planter.


  1. Spray the car down in order to remove any left over dirt or grime from the body of it.
  2. Peel off all the stickers that are added on to the car. It’s important to remove it all because the paint will color it differently than the plain plastic areas.
  3. Spray the car down a second time.
  4. Once the car is dry, add plastic to cover any area you don’t want the paint to get. I personally wanted the tires and steering wheel to stay black and stand out, so I covered them with plastic bags.
  5. Spray the Krylon Ivory on the car. Allow to dry. Repeat until the color is your desired shade. For my car, it took three coats; for another car that is not as light a color or as faded a color it may take more.
  6. Allow to dry and move to the place you wish it to be. (This is SUPER important you do before the next step because it was far too heavy for me to move after I put in the dirt!)
  7. Add the dirt and plant whatever you wish to grow in it. I chose annuals so I can change out the flowers each year.

The herb side of my walk way was also very simple to make! I chose to leave my two smaller pots a different color because I didn’t want any more ivory against our tan home and light wood porch.


  1. Wash down the pot or tin you want to put the herbs in.
  2. Allow to dry then spray it with the Krylon Ivory paint and allow to paint to set. Repeat as many times as needed, until the tin is the color you desire. For us, this took 5 coats, which I believe is because the paint was ivory and the “Coors Light” on the tin was so prominent.
  3. Once the color you desire and dry, use letters for a mail box to write out your message. We chose to put our name and the number of our home on it.
  4. Fill with dirt and plant the herbs.
  5. Take the other two pots and add in your dirt and herbs. Set up as you desire it to be!

Because I got two of the herbs from my grandparents garden and all the planters I already owned or were given to me by grandparents, this little project that has made me love my front walkway a hundred times more, cost less than 30$. I also still have left over paint and letters(I bought them from WalMart in a large packet with many letters in it!). The part that was the most costly was the dirt, in complete honesty.

IMG_9776 (2)

I’ve gotten a few compliments from people who have seen it and the herbs are able to be brought inside in the winter so they will provide us with year round basil, mint, and oregano.

Stay tuned this summer for all my homemaking tips and tricks!

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