2016 Summertime Wishlists!

It is so close to summer time I can taste it. That is minus the snow that fell last night, because we do live in western Mass and what would life be if not snow coming down in May?
As we approach summer, if that’s actually summer coming and not a second winter, I decided it would be fun to have a few summer time to do lists! We did this last year and our final result was not as successful as we had hoped it would originally be, but have no fear-I’m excited to try again. And determined this year to succeed in more ways!

Tidal Rise
I have two lists; one that has 10 date night ideas, just for summer, for Josh and I(and you if you want to try them out). We have committed to two dates a month for the year 2016, so we’re aiming to partake in 8 of these activities. The second is a list of items I want to finish with as a family, though logically speaking I know not every one will happen with all 8 of us.

Date List!:

1. Take a hike

2. Have a picnic dinner

3. Try a new restaurant

4. Have an appetizer based meal

5. Go to the movies

6. Share an ice cream cone and walk around town

7. Get a couple’s massage

8. Try a new meal/food at one of our favorite restaurants

9. Have a game night

10. Do a double(or triple…or quadruple!) date night.

And our list for the kids! We made up a list of 20 pretty generic things and our hope is to complete 15 of them…though no one is complaining if we get more!

[box type=”info”]Kid’s List!

1. Hike 10 different trails.

2. Dip our toes (and maybe more) in the ocean.

3. Visit one art museum

4. Visit one historical place

5. Sleep in tents.

6. Ride on a boat.

7. Go fishing

8. Swim in a lake.

9. Volunteer

10. At least two different places!

11. Have a road trip that’s at least an hour away.

12. Sleep somewhere other than our house.

13. Go tent camping.

14. Make smores over a fire.

15. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

16. Create a successful garden.

17. Attend a Zumba class.

18. Get Family Photos done.

19. One vegetarian meal every week.

20. Play outside in the rain.


There are our summertime aims and goals! I’m so excited to explore and enjoy North Adams and the surrounding Berkshires this summer and show you all how our family celebrates summertime. It’s only about a month away before it begins for my babes, but in my heart it’s already here.

Do you have any summer goals for 2016? Feel free to borrow my lists with your spouses or kids!


8 thoughts on “2016 Summertime Wishlists!

  1. Great lists! I love that you separated into two different lists. I hope me and my husband can get in a few more dates this summer too. We had a frost warning the other night, so I’m super ready for summer to get here…or even spring 🙂

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      oh man this “summer” better warm up soon!! I hope you guys get some date nights too…any interesting ones on the horizon?

  2. Great list! I’m dying to take a hike. I live in Maine and everyone here goes to Acadia National Park and I still have yet to go (even though I grew up here. It’s sad haha). So it’s at the top of my list. I’m also really wanting to go to our drive in movie theater too. Nothing says summer in Maine like relaxing outdoors, watching a movie with friends 🙂

  3. Awesome list!
    I think my favorite thing to do anytime I’m out with my hubby is try a new restaurant, but that can get very expensive very quickly. lol.
    I just want to take as many trips to the beach (which is where I grew up) as possible.

  4. Great list! I’ve always thought it would be fun to go out and order nothing but desserts 🙂 Still have yet to try it, but some day!

  5. These are some great goals for the summer. We also made a “kids list” and our own list since I don’t have my kids that much in the summer because they’re with their dad.

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